3 Reasons Why Register Your Yeti (Get a Surprise)

Why Register Your Yeti

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I’m a big fan of Yeti products. From my tumbler heading to the office to my Tundra when I need to travel and I want to keep cold beer with me at all times, Yeti is my go to product. Why? Because it’s amazing!

But aside from products designed for the outdoors, the brand is different since it allows consumers to register their products. So why register your Yeti products? What are the benefits of registering the product that you already bought?

In this article, I’ll give you all the reasons you should take the time to go to their site and register all the Yeti products you’ve bought. 

Why Register Your Yeti?

A lot of people who bought products from Yeti wonder why they should go the extra mile and register their products.

Yeti highly encourages customers to register their products for several reasons. One motivation to get your product registered is the freebies. Also, it is possible to know whether or not you bought something that isn’t authentic. Plus, if you’re a fan of the brand, registering will keep you in the loop whenever they release new products.

You also don’t have to worry if you’ve gifted the product to someone else. The one who received the Yeti product can register the product; they can just contact the company via their website.

Free Gift

One of the biggest reasons you should register your Yeti product is that you can get a Yeti free gift. What is the Yeti free gift? The company usually sends customers free stickers once you register the product. Even if sending the product to your address takes some time, you’ll receive your free stickers.

Spot a Fake Yeti Product

There are a lot of OEMs all over the world. Unfortunately, given the price of Yeti products, it’s also common to see counterfeit Yeti tumblers and coolers. The first thing you can do to spot a fake Yeti tumbler is to become familiar with the products they are selling.

But if you still have any doubts that you may have purchased a fake Yeti cooler or any other product, that’s when you can try to register the product. If you fail to register using the registration number, the next step is to contact the company and get confirmation if it’s a fake or not.

Discounts and Upgrades about New Stuff

In addition to these reasons, you can also gain access to discounts and news for upgrades when you register your product. If you’re a Yeti fan, this is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Where is the Registration Number or QR Code on a Yeti?

The yeti registration number location is usually out of plain sight. However, it isn’t hard to see. Just take a closer look at the Yeti product, and you’ll notice a 12-digit serial number plus a QR code. This is seen in all Yeti products, whether you bought a Yeti rambler or a bottle. For bottles, it’s usually underneath. However, just don’t confuse the serial number with the UPC code that starts in either “8888” or “100”.

Learn how to find the serial number of Yeti product: Yeti.com

How to register your Yeti?

First, you want to go to the Yeti product registration page on their website. From there, you will have to enter the Yeti product info. Just examine the entire product and you’ll be able to find the serial number and QR code. Next, submit the online form. Once you’ve completed these steps, wait for the free gift that will be delivered to your doorstep in around 6-8 weeks.

If it’s a gift given to you, you can contact Yeti, and they’ll assist you on how to register the product.

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Can you register your Yeti in Canada?

Yeti allows product registration in both US and Canada. Yeti provides a different link for Canada where you can register the product. And just like registering your product in the US, you will have to provide the serial number and where you’ve purchased the product.

Can you register your Yeti in New Zealand?

Yeti also provided a website where you can register Yeti products in both New Zealand and Australia. The selection for purchase place is a bit different. You can select online, in-store, or gift when you register products in Australia.

Where should I put my yeti sticker?

Where you place the free stickers is up to you. You have full control over how you want to personalize the Yeti cooler, bottle, rambler, or any other product that you’ve bought from the company.

Final Thoughts

Yeti is a popular brand for a lot of people who love the outdoors. But also, more and more people are buying Yeti tumbler so they can have cold water at work or school. Registering the product that you bought can have its perks.

For one, you can get some free stickers from the company. However, there are also instances when it’s not just about the stickers. You can also find out if what you have is a counterfeit Yeti product or an authentic one. 

Also, just keep in mind that if you have other questions or concerns about registering your Yeti product, you can always contact the company and they’ll be willing to help out. 

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