Big And Tall Sleeping Bag: 5 Best Options & Reviews


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Coleman Big Basin Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag

Photo: Coleman

Before going camping, it’s crucial that you have a fair idea about the surrounding area and prevailing conditions. For instance, if you’re going somewhere with cold weather, we recommend opting for this durable product.

The inner and outer lining of this sleeping bag features a polyester construction, ensuring that you can stay safe even in harsh climates. In fact, it can withstand weather conditions as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit and can accommodate people over 6 feet.

Meaning, it has sufficient room for you to get cozy without being exposed to the elements. Moving on, once you zip the bag, its thermolock draft tube keeps the heat inside and prevents the cold air from getting in.

Added to that, the colotherm polyester heat insulation keeps you warm so that you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. But if needed, you can adjust the hood to achieve the right level of ventilation and warmth.

Big Agnes Diamond Park Sleeping Bag

Photo: Big Agnes

The Big Agnes Sleeping Bag will keep you covered from head to toe, thanks to its flex pad sleeve that offers an extra 25-30 inches on the side. As a result, you will have enough room without feeling suffocated for maximum comfort.

Speaking of comfort, you can use the stretchable fabric just like a bedsheet as it attaches to the pad, turning it into a portable bed of sorts. This is part of the brand’s integrated sleep system so that buyers can enjoy the comfort of home, even while outdoors.

People can also raise their heads while being snuggled in due to its free-range hood design. Plus, it is possible to un-cinch the hood with one hand when the need arises.

But what stood out for us was its lightweight design, as you can strap the bag to your shoulder and set up camp in any suitable spot.

Western Mountaineering TerraLite Sleeping Bag (Long)

Photo: Western Mountaineering

This product is available in three sizes, and you have the option of choosing a standard zipper or a right/left zipper. Hence, it may come in handy for users who find it challenging to use their non-dominant hand.

Once you zip up, the bag may provide unmatched comfort even at 25 degrees Fahrenheit and has a 5-inch loft, guaranteeing freedom of movement.

What’s more, there are insulated draft tubes that keep the warmth in and the cold out but if you need more ventilation, simply unzip the foot box. You can also manage the insulation inside the bag to find a comfortable sleeping temperature to stay safe outdoors.

Apart from that, the bag has an overall weight of 2 pounds, so it’s pretty lightweight without compromising on durability. You will find that the 12 Denier shell fabric can keep out rain, dust, and other elements, offering protection in all seasons.

Kelty Cosmic 20-Degree Down Sleeping Bag [Long]

Photo: Kelty

If you are unsure about the weather conditions, try this sleeping bag which is suitable for backpacking and camping in three seasons. Thanks to its water-resistant fabric and excellent insulation mechanism, it may guarantee great value for money, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It comes with a 600-fill DrawDown fabric, which may be suitable for retaining heat and preventing the bag from losing its shape.

Naturally, most campers prefer to use it due to its fantastic warmth-to-weight ratio, making it highly convenient.

Moving on, the taffeta liner feels great against the skin, ensuring that the interior of the bag is cozy for sound sleep.

We must also mention the two-way anti-snag zipper that zips faster and increases the thermal efficiency of the product. And there are pockets for storing your gadgets, so you don’t misplace them while setting up camp.

Marmot Sawtooth Sleeping Bag [Long/X-Wide]

Photo: Marmot

With the Marmot sleeping bag, you can choose the type of zipper you want, including its length. Meaning, it would be easy for campers to zip up and keep the cold out, especially on chilly nights.

Moreover, it is a highly durable option that won’t deteriorate even after prolonged use outdoors. You can set up camp in any suitable spot with the bag offering protection from rain, snow, and even dust.

After you zip up, there’s enough room to move around inside and get comfortable. This is due to its mummy design that allows you to cover yourself from head to toe without any hassle.

Not to mention the insulation, which keeps you warm while providing sufficient ventilation.

Added to that, there are pockets inside the bag for keeping the emergency gear close by. So, if campers need to wake up early while it’s still dark, they will always know where they kept the headlamp.

Enigma Custom Sleeping Bag

Photo: Enlightened Equipment

People looking for a lightweight bag will love what the Enigma Custom has to offer. For starters, it comes with a pad attachment system consisting of quilts and elastic straps on both sides of the bag for easy assembly.

Thus, it’s convenient to secure the bag to the pad and keep out cold winds. Plus, you have the option to customize it by selecting a suitable draft collar and installing it near the head.

Then, with help from its unique snap and drawcord neck, you can adjust the ventilation, depending on the outside conditions. In other words, it allows you to stay comfortable irrespective of the climate outdoors.

We have also noticed that in some products, the down (soft plumage) moves around once you are inside the bag. But with this model, you can attach it with the U-shaped baffles to sleep without any hindrance.

Big And Tall Sleeping Bag Buying Advice

Match Your Sleeping Style

When choosing a sleeping bag, you must think about your sleeping style because every product has a specific shape.

Sleeping Bag Shape

You can choose a mummy, bed style, semi-rectangular, rectangular, or spoon bag depending on your sleep pattern. The mummy bag is the most common and preferred by mountaineering enthusiasts as it traps warm air efficiently.

Other than that, rectangular bags have a lot of room and offer sufficient ventilation, suitable for a sprawler.

Match Your Size

Once you find the right shape, it’s time to pick a bag that’s most suitable for your height. After all, you wouldn’t want to feel cramped.

Sleeping Bag Size 

A regular men’s sleeping bag is 78 inches long, while a similar bag for women is six inches shorter. That said if you are planning to keep equipment inside the bag, opt for a slightly longer model, measuring between 78 and 84 inches. 

Match Your Activity

Next comes the type of activity you have lined up as backpacking is different from mountaineering. Meaning, you can’t use the same sleeping bag for different purposes because it might not deliver the best result.


Camping sleeping bags are primarily based on comfort, so don’t be surprised if they are heavier or bulkier than other types. While you may have trouble lugging them around, they are uncomplicated to use and cost less. 


While backpacking, you need to focus on the weight and compressibility of the sleeping bags. That’s why most of them are lightweight so that you won’t have trouble carrying them around. Plus, they have enough room and provide much-needed warmth at night. 


These bags should be durable for mountaineering, especially to block out the cold and keep you warm. Moreover, they offer sufficient protection from rain and snow, making them expensive compared to other options.

Car Camping 

Car camping bags are pretty similar to regular camping bags, and since you will be traveling by road, the extra weight won’t be a problem. They are suitable for family trips and help little ones sleep comfortably at night. 

Match Your Outdoor Environment

You must ensure that the sleeping bag is suitable for the outdoor environment, with each bag having specific temperature ratings, insulation types, and accessories.

Season And Temperature 

The season you are going camping is critical because every bag is different, thanks to its unique ratings. Meaning, you cannot use a summer bag in winter or vice-versa, so you must pick the most relevant model based on the climate. 

Temperature Ratings 

Temperature ratings determine the lowest temperature in which you can use the sleeping bag without experiencing discomfort. Moreover, for the rating to be accurate, you must use a sleeping pad. 

Overall, summer bags have a rating of 35 and above, while winter bags have a value of 10 or less. 


There are usually two types of insulation – down insulation and synthetic insulation. The former is lighter since it consists of duck or goose plumage; however, the latter is durable, although there are question marks over its water-resistant properties. 

Shell Fabric 

Shell fabric keeps you cozy and snug inside the sleeping bag by protecting the insulation. You will find that most brands use nylon, gore windstopper, or microfiber to make the fabric resistant. 


Hoods are like pillows for sleeping bags so that your head remains covered throughout the night. They deliver warmth and keep the cold air out, allowing you to get sound sleep in all conditions. 

Draft Tubes 

Most technical sleeping bags have a draft tube that is present along the inner zipper lining. What’s more, it contains insulation that stops the cold air from filtering through, closing all entry and exit points.  

Match Your Pack Weight

Insulation Fill Weight

You must determine how much weight the insulation will add to the overall bag volume. A 550-600 fill is heavy but still lighter than synthetic fills, while an 800+ fill is the most expensive, making them extremely soft and comfortable. 

Sleeping Bag Shape 

It’s common sense that a sleek bag will weigh less than a large bag, making it easy to carry around. Moreover, the sleek design may warm up faster to keep you cozy even when it’s freezing outside. 

Sleeping Bag Compression Bag (Storage Sack) 

Storage sacks are compartments for keeping the bags when you return from the wilderness. One of the best places to keep the sleeping bag is under the bed, where it won’t get wrinkled or take up much space. 

Final Thoughts 

That’s all the information we had to share, so now it’s over to you to make a suitable purchase. 

Refer to the information mentioned in this guide, and you should be fine. But most importantly, be well-informed about the area in which you are going camping. 

It is always wise to prepare for the outdoors, and with a wide range of sleeping bags for every situation, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the right equipment. That said, if you have something that you want to share, let us know in the comments section.

Have fun camping and star-gazing in your brand new sleeping bag. Bye!  

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