Are Rear Bike Racks Universal? (Is it Worth It?)

Are Rear Bike Racks Universal

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Rear bike racks have become the need of the hour for those who often use bicycles to move around, and they are indeed convenient. 

You can be using these heavy-duty rear bikes to do errands, commute, take long trips and carry whatever you need. Whether you’re a mechanic looking to carry your tool bag or a delivery person delivering food, rear bike racks can genuinely make a difference. 

Now you might be wondering, “are rear bike racks universal?”. We have addressed the question in the following section to help you out.  

So, read on! 

What Is A Rear Rack For A Bike For? 

A rear rack is a stable framework that can be used to hold things on a bike. These things can just be kept in the rack and tied together with a rope in good weather. However, in case the weather is bad, you can cover it up or keep your things in panniers or rack trunks. 

Are Rear Bike Racks Universal? 

Every rear rack and bike has a different installation process. However, the most common ones have eyelets near the seat and the rear hub. If the cycle does not have the eyelets, then certain bike racks come with installation parts that would resolve this problem. 

So, while there may not be a specific universal design, one can easily make adjustments to make the bike rack fit. Also, please remember to opt for a water-resistant material if you live in a place where it rains often. 

Be it on a mountaineering trip that you are going to or just making deliveries around the town, if the weather is adverse, you will need a waterproof material. 

Buy it before taking the mountain bike to any new place as it can rain without warning. Also, buy suitable clips or other such parts that would help in attaching the waterproof material to the bike rack. Then it would stay in place while you ride to your destination. 

Is A Rear Bike Rack Worth It? 

A bicycle generally has one seat along with two wheels. It is a pretty basic structure and needs additional space to carry things or even another person for that matter. 

That is where a rear bike rack comes in, as it is an effective way of carrying things from one place to another. Be it goods or food, you can just store them in the rack to keep them in place. 

How To Know What Kind Of Rear Rack Fits Your Bike? 

Before purchasing a bike rack, let us tell you that all bikes will not be compatible with all rear racks. To explain it better, you may have a bicycle with disc brakes, meaning you’d need a rear rack that will work on disc brakes. 

Look for the eyelets and their placement before purchasing, as they play an essential role in the installation process. 

Additionally, we recommend checking the maximum weight that the bike can carry and purchasing accordingly. If the bike is unable to take too much weight, then it is best to opt for a lightweight but sturdy rack. Otherwise, you should go for a heavy-duty model that will do the job better. 

Can You Put A Rear Rack On A Mountain Bike? 

Yes, you can put up a rear rack on a mountain bike, but they will not be the same as those designed for normal cycles. You might have to spend extra money, and the process could be slightly confusing. 

Remember to follow the instructions mentioned in the booklet provided with the rack. In case you are unable to figure out which rack to buy, talk to a local shop and tell them about the model of your bike. They will recommend a suitable rear rack for the specific model. 

Can You Put A Rear Rack On A Road Bike? 

If you have a road bike or a racing bicycle that you use to carry things, then know that rear racks can be installed. There may not be any eyelets on a road bike, which is alright. 

In that case, you can attach the rack to a long skewer included with it. Also, rubber-lined p-clamps are used to attach the rack to the seat directly. 

Can A Rear Bike Rack Hold A Person? 

This would generally depend on the weight of a person, but we feel it would be difficult to carry a person in a bike rack. The average weight that it can take is lower than 50 pounds generally, and that has to be maintained. 

Moreover, even if the person meets the criteria, they would have to face the back or sit side-saddle while moving; else, their legs will obstruct pedaling. 

How Much Weight Can A Rear Bike Rack Hold? 

Generally, a bike can hold around 30 to 50 pounds, which is sufficient for daily use. However, if you have special needs and want to carry something heavier, you can choose heavy-duty models. These can carry up to 80 pounds, making them perfect for use. 


Before we wrap it up, please know that there are different types of bike bags that can be attached. This includes baskets, panniers, saddle packs, handlebar packs, frame bags, and rack trunks.

Furthermore, there are some rear racks perfect for keeping tools, phones, or food, while others can help carry food and jackets. Then there are covered packs to carry gadgets, cosmetics, and snacks. So, please keep the purpose in mind before purchasing a product for your essentials. 

Also, ensure that the rear rack doesn’t affect the functioning of the brakes or shifters at all. It should not overload the cycle leading to one falling off or losing balance. 

That’s it for the day, but we will soon be back with more informative reads. Until next time!

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