Bike Frame

When it comes to bikes, there are many ways that they can be measured and compared. From the size of their frames to the number of gears they have, there is no shortage of variables that bike enthusiasts can focus on when making decisions about which bike to buy.

One metric that is often used to determine a bike’s qualifications is its frame, or the length and dimensions of its central frame. This tells you both how large a rider can be and also how powerful their pedaling needs to be in order for their bike to function properly.

Another important measurement for bikes is gear count, or the number of gears on a bicycle’s derailleurs and hub. The higher this count is, the more control you have over your speed and the easier it will be to conquer steep hills and long distances.

Whether you’re shopping for your first bike or looking for an upgrade, these two metrics should always be in the back of your mind as important markers of quality. After all, a well-functioning bike frame and plenty of gears are guaranteed to get you anywhere you need to go!