About Me

Hello, intrepid adventurer!

It’s amazing what you can find in the great outdoors and on the internet. If you think about it, both are similar in a way: you start with a few destinations in mind and then end up somewhere entirely different than initially intended.

Thankfully, that’s not a bad thing, provided you’re well prepared for the journey. And that’s precisely what happened to me when I started to search for a name for my outdoor adventures and hobby website. After some amount of searching, I settled on the name: TevaMountainGames.

But why is that?

For those who know about these things, the TEVA Mountain Games is an annual outdoor sports and adventure event held in Vail, Colorado. It started in 2002, under the sponsorship of the outdoor sandal brand Teva. The event is essentially a celebration of the outdoor spirit, with a suitable combination of mountain games, music, and parties.

Before you can jump to any conclusions, I’d like to clear the air on one thing: this is a hobby website that focuses on outdoor adventures and sports and doesn’t have any connection to the TEVA brand.

TEVA itself is no longer connected to the Mountain Games, having dropped the sponsorship in 2013.

That said, I do want to mention that my family and I are big fans of TEVA footwear (we don’t leave home without our trusty pairs) and absolutely love the quality products they make. For this reason, I journeyed to the games in 2010, and the experience was life-changing.

Trying not to get the bus dirty #myfirsttevashoes
Trying not to get the bus dirty #myfirsttevashoes

My Mountain Games Experience

I’ve always been a stickler for the great outdoors and have spent a large part of my life hiking and kayaking (more on that later). Naturally, when I got to know about the Mountain Games, I decided to participate.

And the experience was more than I had bargained for! I participated in almost every event – from running, whitewater events, and MTB races to rock climbing – and enjoyed every moment of it.

I guess it was the memory of the Mountain Games, coupled with my admiration for TEVA, that led me to select this name for my website. Here, I plan to help fellow adventurers get more information about the best outdoor gear they can lay their hands on.

But hey! You’ve been reading for a while without really knowing who I am. So, let’s get to that now…

A Bit About Me

Hi! I’m Matt, an adventure freak who lives and breathes the great outdoors. Spending time under the open sky always appealed to me, even as a kid. Perhaps that’s why I liked camping with my dad so much. The days spent hiking and the nights around the campfire are times I’ll cherish forever.

As an adult, I’ve undertaken multiple trips across some of the famous trails around the world, such as the Pennine Way (UK), Mount Toubkal (Morocco), and the Appalachian Trail right here in the USA.

But that’s not where I stopped. I’m also a kayaking expert and have made multiple trips along tricky waters such as the Royal Gorge in the USA and along the Ottawa river in Canada.

Mountain Biking is another one of my passions that I spend considerable time pursuing. In fact, MTB racing is the main reason why I planned to attend the TEVA Mountain Games in the first place.

Along the way, I’ve had the good fortune to garner substantial experience in outdoor adventure and sports gear. So much so that I soon found my friends and acquaintances looking to me for advice and suggestions on outdoor equipment. That’s when I decided to launch this hobby website to help all of you.

Here, you’ll find information and reviews of some of the best gears for outdoor sports and adventures. Whether it’s about the best mountain bikes you can buy, SUP boards for all levels of paddlers, or camping equipment, I intend to make this your one-stop destination for everything outdoors.

To end with where I started: I don’t know how you found your way here, but welcome! Feel free to look around, explore, and let me know how I can improve the site. I always respond to comments and would love to share travel experiences with you all.

Till then, let’s meet outside!