Best Garage Ski & Snowboard Storage Racks [2021/2022 Season]


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Regular skiers and snowboarders know how expensive these sport gears are.

Thus, it makes sense to invest a few dollars on a sturdy storage rack to ensure your belongings don’t succumb to the test of time. And to ensure the durability of your gear, it is best to store them properly rather than shoving them in a cupboard or leaning them against a wall.

However, to choose the best ski and snowboard storage racks for the garage, you may need to know whether these racks are worth buying at all. Hence, we have curated this guide to help clarify your doubts and prepare you for an adventurous winter!

Are Ski Racks Bad for Skis?

No, ski racks are not bad for skis because these storage solutions ensure the proper and safe organization of your gear. However, there are certain points you must remember to keep your skis and the rack itself in top-notch condition.

Cleanliness is the most crucial criterion, as maintaining hygiene will guarantee durability. So, in the case of boots, remove the liner and clean them with mild soap and water. For snowboards, make sure to clean them and apply a fresh coat of wax before storage.

Also, try to install your ski and snowboard storage rack in a dry area. You should avoid basements, attics, or any place which is damp and humid. For the same reason, you shouldn’t store your equipment in a closed bag either. 

Why You Need a Garage Ski Storage Solution

If you’ve been letting any skiing and snowboarding paraphernalia hang around carelessly in the garage, we bet you must have experienced some scratches or dents in the past. Hence, storing your skis and snowboards on a storage rack is the best way to keep them protected and accessible.

For starters, metal racks coated with epoxy are specifically sturdier and more durable in the long run. Such racks will also make it easier to organize your equipment, thereby minimizing the chances of losing any. 

Wall mounted ski racks are a great way to keep your equipment organized and looking stylish! Furthermore, they’re relatively cheap.

And if you’re worried about the difficulty of installing a storage rack in the garage, fret not. All you’ll need is a screw gun, a tape measure, a level, and mediocre DIY skills, and you’re good to go! 

Garage Ski Racks: Our Top Picks

To ensure that you get the best ski racks for the garage here’s a quick summary of my top picks.

Best Overall Garage Ski Rack: StoreYourBoard Ski Wall Rack and Storage Shelf

“Very sturdy construction, welds are not splattered on, and it’s eay to install.”

Best Elegant Snowboard Wall Storage Rack: Gravity Grabber

“3 months of use this season. Very easy to use, hold skis easily. I am not worried about them causing damage or failing – it is a pretty simple, elegant design.”

Another Stylish Wall Mounted Rack Storage: Rocker Ski Rack

“Making my storage look like a stylish display instead of a yard sale of gear. Highly recommend!”

Best Ski Storage Solution for Small Garage: Totti Button Ski Hanger 5-Pack

“I have a very tight garage, and the skis take up about as little space as leaning the skis against the wall without the risk of having them fall over into the car.”

Best for the Budget: Ski Wall Rack for Garage Storage

“This was the cheapest sturdy option. tried their other one, which was too small.

Best Heavy-Duty Ski Holders for Garage: Rough Rack Snowboard Rack

“A seriously heavy duty ski rack. Like others have said, it’s strong enough to you can do pullups on the bars.”

Best Overall Garage Ski Rack

Photo: StoreYourBoard
StoreYourBoard Ski Storage Rack and Wall Shelf, Holds 5 Pairs of...
  • ORGANIZED SKI STORAGE: Adjustable wall storage rack neatly...
  • PROTECTIVE DESIGN: Rubber-coated, spring-loaded storage...
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE: Solid steel and aluminum support up to 300...
  • OVERHEAD SHELF: Additional storage space for ski boots, ski...
  • DESIGNED IN THE USA: Proudly designed in Virginia. Built to...

If you are a professional skier or snowboarder, you must be owning a lot of equipment to excel in these sports. Hence, you’ll require a generously spaced storage shelf. That’s when this StoreYourBoard Ski Wall Rack and Storage Shelf enters the scene.

This vertical unit holds ten pairs of ski boards/snowboards along with the respective poles. You even get a horizontal overhead shelf to store your boots, gloves, bags, and more.

Speaking of durability, you’ll be getting plenty of that, thanks to its heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction. As a result, the rack can hold up to 300 lbs of equipment.

Despite its large storage capacity, the rack will cover just 16 inches of your wall. Plus, you can customize the rack and storage shelf as the mounting bar consists of 45 points. So, you can build and install it to fit your unique needs.

Overall, this wall-mounted rack makes a versatile pick for any winter sports enthusiast. 


  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Customizable design with the boot rack
  • Built to last
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Not suitable for cross country ski storage

Best Elegant Ski Wall Storage Rack

Photo: Gravity Grabber
Gravity Grabber - Ultimate Ski & Snowboard Wall Rack | Secure,...
  • SAVE YOUR ROCKER, TIPS, & TAILS - Store your skis or...
  • SECURE YOUR GEAR - With anti-slip pads, keep what's hanging...
  • EASY IN & OUT - It's important to be the first to the...
  • INTERLOCKING CORNERS - Odds are, you have more than one set...
  • & SCHLOADS MORE - Keep that garage-mahal organized. Hang...

If you don’t have a garage to keep your equipment but want to ensure safe storage, here’s an affordable and space-optimizing option.

This gravity-locking ski board/snowboard rack weighs just 0.75 pounds and is available in two colors. So, if you don’t want yet another boring black shelf or rack in your room, check out the cyan unit.

Now, this product may look small and fragile but rest assured that it will keep your belongings safe and secure. Thanks to its safe contact point and anti-slip pads, your equipment, regardless of its size and shape, will remain hanging and protected from wear and tear.

We also recommend this storage hook for someone who wants to avoid complicated installation. Especially with a detailed manual, installing this product is a no-brainer.

Additionally, it’s even easier to use this storage rack due to its “Pop, Drop and Lock” mechanism. It is equipped with swivel arms and an integrated pole hanger design, so you’ll be the first one to reach the mountain top on a skiing/snowboarding day with friends!


  • Suitable for small spaces and budget-friendly 
  • Easy to install and use
  • Secure gravity-locking design and anti-slip pads


  • May not be suitable for multiple heavy tools

Stylish Wall Mounted Ski Rack Storage

Photo: Rocker Ski Rack
Rocker Ski Rack Individual Ski Racks (X-Large)
  • MADE IN USA - Handcrafted in the pacific northwest
  • VERSATILE - Works with skis OR snowboards of any...
  • SMART - Patented design hangs equipment in its original...
  • EASY - Included mounting hardware and instructions make...
  • CONVENIENT - Integrated accessory hanger stores your...

This wall-mounted rack is another space-saving option for those who do not have a spare room or garage for storing sports equipment. And like the previous product, this unit is also easy on the budget. However, for storing multiple tools, you will have to buy more than one of these hooks.

First off, the Rocker Ski Rack is locally made in the USA, so you will not have any complaints in terms of quality. Besides, its “smart” patented design is versatile for various tools and allows you to hang your gear in its original shape. So, no pinching and denting!

Additionally, the integrated accessory hanging bar offers extra space for storing poles, gloves, helmets, goggles, and more, making this product an all-in-one storage solution.

Lastly, the product ties together its versatility and durability with its sleek and stylish build. In fact, one customer mentions that the storage rack looks like an elegant display rather than a yard sale counter!


  • Space saving and affordable
  • Versatile design
  • Additional space with accessory hanging bar
  • Stores equipment in its original form


  • May not be suitable for all types of equipment

Best Ski Storage Solution for Small Garage

Totti Button Ski Rack Hanger

Photo: Totti Button Ski Rack
Button Ski Hanger 5-Pack, 5 Individual Fixtures To Safely Store 5...
  • Simply better for your skis
  • Stores rockered skis, race skis, twin tips, kid skis... all...
  • Unique, patented design means you don't store skis by their...
  • Organize your garage, condominium, locker or ski room
  • A very simple, affordable and reliable solution to an old...

With the Totti Button Ski Hanger, you can conveniently hang your ski boards/snowboards without clamping them together. This will ensure that none of your gear gets damaged when in storage.

The brand has ensured optimum versatility with the 5-pack design that allows you to hang five boards at a distance of 6 inches in between. And even though it offers a generous amount of storage, it doesn’t cover much space in a room. So, if you don’t have a dedicated garage to keep the equipment, installing this hanger in your room will do the trick.

If your skiing/snowboarding buddies often make last-minute plans, you won’t have to face the trouble of difficult access and removal. Thanks to the convenient button design, loading and unloading your equipment on this rack is a breeze. 

Overall, this ski hanger boasts a versatile and effective design, making it a popular pick among skiers and snowboarders.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective and simple design
  • Stores up to five ski boards/snowboards
  • Does not clamp tips and tails 


  • Plastic buttons may not be durable
  • Installation may be complicated for some

Best Budget Ski Storage Rack

Photo: RaxGo Ski Wall Rack
Ski Wall Rack, Holds 4 Pairs of Skis & Skiing Poles or Snowboard,...
  • ORGANIZE & STORE UP TO 5 PAIRS OF SKIS | Universal Ski...
  • CONVENIENT WALL-MOUNTED DESIGN | 24” Frame Mounts Easily...
  • ADJUSTABLE RUBBER-COATED HOOKS | Never Worry About Your Skis...
  • EASY INSTALLATION FOR HOME & MORE | Get Your Skis Off the...

Here’s another convenient rack boasting a wall mount design that allows easy access to your gear and saves space. This mini rail and mounting fixture can hold up to four ski boards/snowboards with a maximum capacity of 300 pounds.

The 24-inch wall mount frame can be installed on any wall effortlessly. Note that all the required hardware will be included in the package, so you won’t have to make any additional purchases after getting this wall rack. 

Moreover, this storage rack is made of heavy-duty steel and coated with black dry powder to prevent wear and tear over the years. We also appreciate how the padded arms on this unit protect the equipment from getting scratches. 

Lastly, the customizable rubber-coated hooks are a thoughtful addition, allowing you to adjust the space between each holder according to your needs.


  • Convenient and easy-to-use construction
  • Durable steel build with powder coating
  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Rubber-coated holders to prevent wear and tear
  • Easy on the budget 


  • Poor product packaging

Best Heavy-Duty Ski Holders for Garage

Rough Rack Snowboard Rack

Photo: Rough Rack
Rough Rack 4-8 Ski & Snowboard Ski Rack
  • 34 inches in length with over 45 inches of hanging space....
  • Excellent for all shapes of skis, snowboards, snowshoes,...
  • Mounting hardware and instructions included. Mounting Holes...
  • We make matching tool racks too! Check out Rough Rack 4x4...

Next up is this affordable, freestanding unit from the renowned brand, Rough Rack. Of course, there are other cheaper options mentioned above, but none of those models could accommodate eight pairs of skis/snowboards. Thus, if you’ve got multiple gears but don’t know how to organize and store them, this product is your best bet.

Due to its versatile design and sturdy build, the rack is suitable for storing all types of skis, poles, snowboards, and more. But keep in mind that there is no additional hook for the poles. So, if you wish to hang skiing poles on this unit, you will not be able to store eight boards.

Additionally, you will receive all the required mounting hardware and instruction guide in the package itself, making it an ideal pick for beginners, too. 


  • Value for money
  • Simple and versatile design
  • Robust construction
  • Large storage capacity
  • Easy to install


  • Inadequate packaging
  • No separate hooks for skiing poles

Garage Ski Rack Storage Buying Guide

Ski Rack Storage

Material & Construction

The material and construction of a snowboard will define its durability in the long run. Thus, we recommend the Rough Rack Snowboard Rack made of alloy steel for larger snowboards or if you have multiple types of equipment. Wood is another popular pick among those who want a storage rack that can double up as a stylish decor piece.

Lastly, plastic is a lightweight yet fairly sturdy option for beginners.

In terms of construction, a storage solution with pre-fixed parts will not serve well if you keep adding to your collection of skiing and snowboarding gear. Hence, opt for racks that allow customization along with a robust build. 

Space Efficient

If you don’t own a garage for your equipment, it is best to opt for hooks/holders that offer a safe grip and occupy less space. The Totti Button Ski Hanger is a great ski storage solution for tight spaces. 

Additionally, vertical ski racks will cover space vertically, and horizontal racks will require more horizontal space. So, you must note the amount of wall space you can allot before purchasing a storage solution.

Versatility & DIY Possibilities

As you can probably tell, most of our recommendations are versatile enough to accommodate skis, poles, snowboards, and more. So, if you indulge in a variety of sports, it is best to opt for a rack with adjustable bars and hooks for you to store a variety of equipment and accessories together.

Easy To Organize and Store

Offering convenient organization and storage is the purpose of a ski rack. Thus, ensure that it is built in such a way that you won’t have to spend hours unlocking your gear. If you think a particular design is popular but too complicated for you, steer clear of that product. 


Although not a dealbreaker, aesthetics is an important factor if you’re planning to install the rack in your living room or any spot in full display. If that’s the case with you, check out our recommendations from Gravity Grabber, the minimalistic design that looks good. 


Always pick a rack that includes all the installation tools and a user manual in the package. This factor is important, especially for beginners, to ensure a smooth installation. For most storage racks and holders, you will need anchors and screws to hold the track in place and follow it up by drilling holes for additional hooks.


Skiing and snowboarding equipment is already expensive, to begin with. So, you wouldn’t want a storage solution that costs a bomb. 

Hence, we always recommend keeping your budget in mind while browsing through ski racks. This will help you filter the products accordingly, so you won’t have to choose from a sea of options.

Final Thoughts

With that, we come to the end of this informative guide on the best ski and snowboard storage racks for the garage. So, there’s no reason for you to lean snowboards against the wall or let your boots collect dust.

By going for any one of the products mentioned above, you’ll be able to organize your boots, snowboards, and accessories better. Hence, you’ll be spending less time decluttering the garage and more time with your friends in the snow!

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