When Does Patagonia Have Sales? (The Golden Time & Place)

When Does Patagonia Have Sales

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Outdoor clothing and gear do not come cheap – especially if you are shopping from leading brands like Patagonia. 

While the durability of Patagonia products sends them flying off shelves, this responsible and environmentally-conscious brand is driven by a bigger purpose. That said, the company crafts products that can last decades to reduce the carbon footprint of the consumer industry. 

It’s pretty simple – if a product lasts long, consumers won’t have to throw it away and buy a new replacement, thus repeating the cycle that generates more waste. So, when does Patagonia have sales? 

Find out.  

When Does Patagonia Have Big Sales?

In most states, Patagonia has two semi-annual sales during which you can get hefty discounts of up to 30 percent off on selected products. That said, the summer sale is usually held during the month of August when the stock is cleared to give way to an all-new line of products. 

Similarly, your local Patagonia outlet may put up a clearance winter sale in February or March. Also, keep an eye out for seasonal sales hosted by major outlets that sell Patagonia products. These usually take place on Black Friday, during the holiday season, and after Christmas. 

Does Patagonia Have Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales?

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are perhaps bargain aficionados and couponing enthusiasts’ favorite days of the year. While brands also take full advantage of the rush, Patagonia sticks to its guns and refrains from participating in this joyous season of sales. 

This doesn’t come as a surprise as the brand has always been vocal about its dedication to promoting sustainable consumer habits. In other words, Patagonia is taking a stand against mass consumption and its impact on the environment by preventing reckless sales. 

At the same time, the brand does offer an environmentally conscious alternative and makes its products more financially accessible through the creative Worn Wear program. Anyhow, you can expect Black Friday deals offered by many other stores that sell Patagonia products. 

Best Places To Buy Patagonia On Sale

Patagonia Web Specials

Patagonia’s online store offers a flat 30 percent off on products available on the “web specials” page during its semi-annual sales. Buyers can leaf through the different catalogs, and choose from packs, gears, and products designed for men, women, and kids. 

Generally, Patagonia loyalists prefer visiting the retail store or calling the hotline to avail more variety and get better prices. At the same time, hassle-free shipping and delivery add to the convenience of the online store. 


One of the major retailers of Patagonia products, the Backcountry website offers a complete assortment of high-end insulated jackets from your favorite outdoor apparel store. Apart from in-site discount bonanzas and seasonal sales, first-time buyers can avail a coupon code of 15 percent off by subscribing to the official newsletter.


Although called Steepandcheap, the price tags on Patagonia apparel sold on this site are almost exclusively on the cheaper end. With discounts that go up to 50 percent, head on here for budget finds. 


To encourage consumers to keep their Patagonia gear in play, the makers have devised this creative program that repairs returned or used items to be re-sold. All you have to do is drop off or mail your Patagonia product to the company repair center for assessment. 

You may either continue using the repaired product or trade it in for store credit. On the other end, a lucky buyer can buy the mended piece at a discount, reducing the carbon footprint of all three players with a single purchase.


For sporty outdoor wear at a discount, take a look at the curated selection of Patagonia products on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website. What’s more, buyers may find waist packs and backpacks, among other things. 

Patagonia Outlet

Last but definitely not least, your local Patagonia outlet is probably the best place to find top-of-the-line products and a wide variety of designs. However, it is worth noting that products get sold out fast during the semi-annual sales. 

If you aren’t an early bird, don’t expect to get the chance to take your pick. Instead, you will probably have to settle for products in XL and XXL sizes.

Final Thoughts

Considering Patagonia’s brand promise, it doesn’t come as a surprise that all of its products have been crafted for durability and excellence. That said, the rare but predictable sales have been planned to exemplify its mission of becoming a business that helps save our home planet. 

At the same time, Patagonia is undoubtedly a thriving business that provides plenty of ways to make its premium products more accessible to the general masses. To this end, they offer a hard-hitting alternative in the Worn Wear program. 

With the help of its creativity and conscious consumers, the brand is indeed helping the world – one garment at a time.

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