How To Wear Sunglasses with a Bike Helmet (Like A Pro)


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Having proper biking accessories can take any bike ride to a whole new level. 

And nothing can beat a pair of sunglasses combined with a bike helmet when it comes to riding down the road at high speed. This is because not only is this combination suitable for all terrains, but it also provides complete protection to the face and head while riding.

Unfortunately, it can be quite hard to pull this look off, which is why I’ve created this guide to help you. So, if you’re wondering – “how to wear sunglasses with a bike helmet?” – let’s get started without further ado. 

How To Wear Sunglasses with Bike Helmet Like A Pro?

For ages, the way of wearing sunglasses with a bike helmet has been under debate. Generally, the correct way of wearing sunglasses with bike helmets is to put your sunglasses over the straps of the helmet.

Not only does this provide the best appearance while allowing you to see through the glasses, but it makes it much easier to put them on and take them off using just one hand without being constrained by the helmet straps. 

Why Do Bikers Wear Sunglasses Outside the Bike Helmet Straps?

How To Wear Sunglasses with Bike Helmet
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Wearing sunglasses outside bike helmet straps is not just for show, and there are some practical reasons why bikers follow this technique:

Easy To Take Off / Put On

Wearing sunglasses outside the bike helmet straps makes it easier and more convenient for bikers to quickly put them on or take off. If the shades are worn under the helmet, the biker will first have to remove the helmet and then the sunglasses. This can be quite cumbersome and is not possible in all situations. 

So, if you need to take your sunglasses off in a hurry during the ride, having them on the outside makes it easier to do so. 

Permanent Protection

Accessories such as the hair net or casquette are designed to be worn and taken off easily and can be folded up for storing inside the pocket while cycling. However, the helmet should not be removed while traveling, which is why its straps lie flat along the face. This makes it most convenient to wear sunglasses with their arms over the helmet straps. 

Additionally, in case of an accident, wearing the sunglasses over the helmet allows them to fly off, minimizing the damage they suffer. It also keeps your face protected from breaking glass. 

More Comfortable

At times, bikers may need to remove their sunglasses, especially when water or insects enter their eyes. 

Wearing your shades on the outside allows you to remove them easily without needing to remove the helmet. Besides that, this technique is better suited for riding a bike in sunny weather, when it can get quite hot. 

If you are wearing glasses on the inside of the helmet, the heat can become unbearable, but when the shades lie on the outside, this is not a major issue. Plus, wearing your sunglasses on the inside of the helmet can push the arms of the glasses against the sides of your head, making them uncomfortable to wear. 

This is especially true in the case of bulky or heavy sunglasses, as you cannot adjust the glasses, thereby increasing the chance of breaking them. 

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Why do Bikers Wear Sunglasses Under Bike Helmet Straps?

While most people prefer wearing sunglasses on the outside, there are some exceptional cases where wearing them under the bike helmet straps can be a better choice. Here are a few of those exceptions:

Prescription Glasses

Those who wear prescription glasses will find wearing them on the inside more effective. This is because such glasses are designed to best fit your head and wrap around the back of the head. 

Also, wearing these glasses on the outside will make them more likely to flex or break as the frames are not as flexible or resistant compared to regular sunglasses. That’s why the best way to wear prescription sunglasses with a bike helmet is to look for bike-friendly glasses that can be worn easily without breaking or causing discomfort. 

Low-Quality Glasses

Wearing low-quality glasses on the outside of the bike helmet is not recommended since they tend to break very quickly and easily. Since such glasses do not offer a lot of stability, having them on the inside can solve this problem and prevent them from slipping off.

The same can be said for a pair of old glasses that have become loose and are likely to fall off if worn over the helmet. But wearing them on the inside of the helmet will prevent this from happening.

Thin Temple Glasses

Thin temple glasses should be worn on the inside of the helmet as they can break easily, especially when riding over bumpy or rough terrain. This is also true for aviator-type sunglasses that are specially designed for wearing under headgear, such as helmets, as they can get damaged quite easily when worn outside the helmet. 

Final Thoughts

Sunglasses can be worn on the outside or inside your bike helmet, depending upon various factors. 

However, bike riders who follow the rules, specially designed for professional bikers, prefer to wear sunglasses on the outside of the bike helmet. Still, there are several others who might prefer wearing them on the inside, but both techniques offer certain advantages and disadvantages to the wearer.  

While wearing sunglasses on the outside is definitely more comfortable and a safer choice, specific situations might require you to wear them under the helmet. In the end, it all depends upon which method offers the greatest convenience for the rider.

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