How To Ship A Snowboard? (USPS, UPS, FedEx or Ship Skis)

How To Ship A Snowboard

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Any park rat knows snowboarding is an expensive sport. 

From boots, bindings, and safety gear to the all-important snowboard or pair of skis – nothing comes cheap with this hobby. So, whether you are a beginner or an expert at double backflips, you want the shipping company to deliver the gear in one piece.

And considering how costly rentals are at ski resorts, you can’t afford late deliveries. Of course, you may also choose to fly with the gear to avoid such situations, but that costs extra.

Anyhow, here’s how to ship a snowboard on any occasion.

Can You Mail A Snowboard?

In short – yes, you can mail a snowboard. But that doesn’t mean you can slap a stamp on the snowboard and put it in the dropbox. 

You will need to pack the snowboard appropriately and ensure that it meets the standards set by the shipping company before you can send it. 

Shipping times may also vary, so make sure you prepare well in advance – especially if you need the snowboard to reach before a set time. 

Is It Better To Fly With Skis Or Ship?

If you are tight on money and have some time to spare, you may want to ship a snowboard through a shipping service. On the other hand, flying with snow equipment is relatively expensive, but it is hassle-free, and best of all – there is no waiting period. 

Most airlines can easily accommodate a snowboard bag, which you can check in like regular baggage. Many avid skiers and snowboarders prefer to invest in wheeled snowboard bags, as these are roomy enough for other equipment and ski clothes that provide extra padding to the gear.

However, bear in mind that the baggage policies of different airlines vary, and some may be more strict than others. That said, research well and stay updated on changes in weight limits, additional charges, restricted items, and so on.

How to Ship a Snowboard

Standard Shipping Service

Some of the most common companies you can use for shipping your snowboard all over the US are UPS and USPS. In the case of international shipping, you may opt for FedEx services, which incidentally also provide domestic services. 

They are trusted companies with a great network and infrastructure to deliver anything from anywhere, including your snowboards.

A standard shipping service gives you plenty of options regarding how fast the board will get there. If you want to make sure your board arrives on time in its intended location, faster shipping is the way to go. Standard shipping will save some money but may take a few days longer. 

Most shipping companies will also be able to provide insurance on your shipping, which is important if you are concerned about anything happening during transit. It’s a good way to get some peace of mind and it doesn’t cost that much extra money either!

Specialty Skis Shipping Service

If you want to avoid the hassle of shipping your gear with the traditional carrier, specialty services like Ship Skis and TripHero are good options. They often provide additional perks, such as protection plans, insurance assistance, complimentary packaging, fast shipping, and so on. 

In fact, some ski and snowboard enthusiasts prefer online shipping services that pack all the gear along with other luggage. Apart from worldwide shipping, the company also offers long-term storage options.

And although it is not always the case, specialty shipping services may be costlier than standard ones. For instance, Ship Skis provides complimentary insurance, in-site tools for printing labels, and convenient home pick-ups to make up for the extra charge. As an alternative, you may head to the Lugless website that offers most of these benefits at discounted prices. 

They will pack your snowboard in a travel bag or box and ship straight from door-to-door instead of having to go through an airport check point which saves money on airline fees.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Snowboard?

Standard shipping services, such as UPS and USPS, are considered the cheapest options and charge anywhere between $30 and $100 for domestic shipping. On average, shipping within the same region will cost about $30, deliveries across the country will cost about $55, and international shipping fees can easily exceed $100.

And while the total price depends on various factors, such as the dimensions and weight of the package, users have found UPS to be cheaper than USPS in some cases. On the other hand, UPS and FedEx are known to trigger hefty oversize charges even for small boxes, in addition to their considerable brokerage fees. 

At the same time, separate boxes containing additional gear and the board itself may add to the costs. So, it may be wise to break off the bindings and attach them around the board to fit them into a single box.

Similarly, the rates charged by specialty ski services may vary depending on the delivery speed, package size, insurance customizations, and so on. That said, Ship Skis, being one of the most affordable alternatives in this niche, offers shipping services that start from as low as $34.99.

In addition, expect to spend a couple of extra dollars on boxes, padding material, and so on. 

How To Pack A Snowboard For Shipping?

If you can’t get your hands on long boxes meant for snowboards from a local ski shop, try to get any medium-sized box from a big box store. You will also need styrofoam, bubble wrap, or any other type of padding to keep your equipment safe. 

Considering how you can’t do anything to reduce its weight, clever packing will help keep the package dimensions to a minimum, reducing freight charges. For this, you can try the “burrito wrap” method.

As the name suggests, you first have to wrap the padding material tightly around the snowboard like a burrito. Next, lay the box down flat, and using a razor or carpet knife, cut one edge from top to bottom so that you are left with a rectangle when you open up the box. 

After this, place the snowboard at the center of the rectangle, and start folding in from all the sides. Use packing tape to secure the folds; you may need to cut out bits and pieces of the box to get clean folds. 

In the end, your package shouldn’t be much bigger than the snowboard itself.

Final Thoughts 

There can be many reasons for shipping a snowboard – perhaps you are selling an old model or gifting a new one to a friend. Or maybe you are gearing up for a ski holiday and want to avoid the sky-high rental fees. 

Anyhow, whether you are checking in your snowboard on a flight or shipping it to another destination, you have plenty of options that are safe and hassle-free. That said, all the shipping services mentioned before are trusted and reliable sources that offer pretty much the same deal.

However, depending on your packing methods, different rates may apply. What’s more, some companies, such as ShipSkis, don’t even require any packaging – you can simply stuff your equipment in a travel bag and send it on its way! 

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