How Much Does Snowboarding Cost? (Here’s the Answer)

How Much Does Snowboarding Cost

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Does looking at the winter landscape fill you with a desire to snowboard down the mountainside at high speed? 

But planning and executing are two different things, given that snowboarding doesn’t come cheap. It’s essential to purchase the proper equipment, take classes, and gather info about the destination to bring the plan to fruition. 

So, how much does snowboarding cost? We’ve broken down all the possible expenses to help you organize an adventure-filled trip. 

How Much Does Snowboarding Cost For Beginners? 

Snowboarding Clothes Cost

We recommend not spending too much on clothes if you’re a beginner because your topmost priority should be snowboarding safely. Hence, while buying clothing, you need to focus on comfort, staying dry and feeling warm. 

It would be best to opt for layered clothing; something simple like a long-sleeved t-shirt will work fine as the base layer. If it also resists water and sweat, then all the better. 

Once you’ve got the base layer, you can purchase a decent jacket, facemask, robust pants, goggles, and gloves. All items considered, clothing should cost you around $250-$300. 

Snowboard Gear Cost

After clothing, the next most important items are your snowboard gear, foremost among which is the snowboard. 

Now, if you want to purchase the latest equipment from the top brands, be ready to shell out $200-$400. That said, you can purchase quality gear, including last season’s boards, for less than $200. 

Next, switch your attention to footwear with proper bindings. We found that the best brands usually charge $200-$300, but it’s possible to get discount products at $50-$60. But the price of bindings and helmets is a bit steep; likely to cost around $300. 

Now, there are two ways to reduce the cost: 

Borrow Outwear From Family Or Friend 

If someone in your family or friends has snowboarding gear, you may choose to borrow their equipment provided that it’s in good condition. Speaking of condition, most snowboards have a lifespan of 100 days, so be cautious while using the equipment. 

Rent Snowboarding Gear 

Another option would be to rent snowboarding gear, but it depends on the rates. Some of the top resorts charge $70 per day for their equipment which results in considerable expenditure. 

So, if you’re going on a long trip rather than a weekend getaway, it would be best to purchase new equipment. 

Snowboarding Beginner Classes Cost 

For a beginner, it’s essential to sign up for snowboarding classes, which the resort includes in a package. In case there is no provision for taking classes, you’ll need to find group training sessions or hire a private trainer.

Needless to say, the former is cheaper, costing between $20 and $40, while the latter can be as expensive as $400. 

Lift Tickets

There are three types of lift tickets: one-day tickets, night tickets, and half-day tickets. Now, depending on the resort and duration of your stay, the prices tend to vary. 

For instance, a one-day ticket costs between $35 and $150, while half-day tickets are less pricey at $20-$70. Sometimes, resorts may also offer night snowboarding sessions for as low as $12. 

how much does it cost to go snowboarding

How Much Does Snowboarding Cost For Novice

Snowboarding Clothes Cost

Once you’ve crossed the beginner stage, it’s necessary to buy good clothing. That said, you can still make do with basic clothes, provided that you have enough long-sleeved t-shirts that are moisture-resistant.

This ensures that you won’t feel uncomfortable on long snowboarding sessions, bringing down the overall cost of clothing to $250-$300. But you will have to purchase premium-quality boots that can withstand wear and tear. 

These will cost somewhere around $200-$300, while adding the price of bindings will increase the total expenditure to $450-$500. Lastly, at discounted rates, pants, gloves, jackets, and facemasks shouldn’t cost more than $300-$350.  

Snowboard Gear Cost

If you’re a novice, we would recommend that you buy used snowboard gear. It will drastically cut down on costs while allowing you to have a memorable experience. 

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We have seen that even used top-quality products are available at 40-80% cheaper rates, meaning you can get a closed-out snowboard for $100. Understandably, you can manage your expenses better, but it’s crucial to remember that most gears don’t have a long lifespan. 

For instance, you can purchase used helmets for $50 but do check the quality of the material and make sure that there are no cracks. 

Snowboarding Classes Cost

A novice snowboarder won’t need much training compared to a beginner, but it’s still vital to opt for basic lessons. Depending on your proficiency, the cost of classes varies between $150 and $200 per day.

For kids, the costs are slightly lower, but you’ll find that there’s not much difference. In some cases, trainers also charge hourly rates, which may prove useful if you need to brush up on basic skills. 

We suggest that you contact the resort and enquire about possible classes they might have. Moreover, booking during the off-season increases the chances of getting a better deal. 

Lift Tickets

While asking about the training sessions, make it a point to know about the cost of lift tickets. The prices fluctuate depending on the season and the number of tourists visiting the resort.

Similarly, lift tickets at the best resorts usually cost above $100, but often rental packages are factored into the price. Meaning, you get to avail of classes, equipment, and ticket prices with a one-time payment.

You will also find that some destinations offer special deals and packages for students and beginners at much lower costs. You can sign-up for these by contacting resorts, asking them to inform you if the prices drop.

How Much Does Snowboarding Cost For Intermediate

Snowboarding Clothes Cost

As you gain valuable experience as a snowboarder, it’s natural that you would want to explore more exotic terrain. Hence, it’s crucial to purchase nothing short of the best when choosing snowboarding clothes. 

You’ll need a weather-resistant jacket and a full-sleeve layered t-shirt, which should cost you around $200. Additionally, you can’t afford to compromise on pants either, and we suggest buying rugged jeans that have a price range of $100-$300. 

Once you’ve got the primary body wear ready, move on to buying the gloves and goggles. There are numerous options available on the market, so you can expect to spend anywhere between $75 and $300. 

Finally, a hat and facemask are much-needed to stay warm, and you can get them for $20 each. 

Snowboard Gear Cost

Apart from the clothing, the gear has to be a top drawer to help you navigate the mountainside. Meaning, buying used snowboarding equipment could prove risky. 

We found that premium-quality snowboards have a maximum price of $400, ensuring that they will last a couple of winters despite heavy use. Speaking of heavy use, you’ll need durable boots that top brands price at $200-$300. 

Plus, don’t forget the bindings, which are another $150, thereby taking the total expenditure on footwear close to $400. Rest assured, it’s worth the investment, as is the helmet, which costs a further $150.  

Snowboarding Classes Cost

This is one aspect where you can save costs as an intermediate snowboarder. Since you’ve got the required skills, all you need is to brush up on them with a few hours’ practice. 

It would be best to ask the resort if they arrange classes; otherwise, you’ll have to opt for group or private sessions. Some private trainers have steep prices and charge in excess of $300 but learning in groups brings the cost below $100. 

Lift Tickets

People passionate about snowboarding can purchase season passes, which will allow you to access the best destinations at slightly slower costs. Based on the season and location, you can expect to pay between $300 and $500 for a pass so that you can snowboard multiple times a year. 

Additionally, it’s possible to buy multi-resort passes that provide access to more than 40 locations worldwide. Naturally, they cost around $1,000. 

But if none of these options seem agreeable, you can purchase regular lift tickets averaging between $35 and $150. Also, if you’re lucky, the resort may offer special discounts on night-time or half-day tickets. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you’ve all the information about the cost of snowboarding and the price of various commodities. 

As you can see, there’s no way to ascertain the exact expenditure on snowboarding trips. It depends on the season you choose, your expertise as a snowboarder, and the facilities offered by the resorts. 

Not to mention, you need to take proper care of the equipment so that they last for multiple seasons. Also, try to plan the trip in groups since it would help divide the cost and reduce the expenditure per head.

On that note, we won’t keep you waiting any longer; have a safe snowboarding expedition. The mountains are calling! 

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