Helinox Chair Two vs. Sunset (What’s the Difference?)

Helinox Chair Two vs. Sunset

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Hands down, I prefer camping with the right camping chair, especially if the outdoor activity involves a lot of hiking. But when it comes to outdoor camping brands that offer camping chairs, I’ve always trusted Helinox for several reasons. Unfortunately, like other experienced campers, I’ve experienced difficulty picking between the Helinox Chair two vs. Sunset.

These are two of the top Helinox chairs that can help you relax by the campfire and have a better overall outdoor experience. If you’re torn between the Helinox Chair Two and the Sunset just like I was, here’s everything about the two camp chairs.

Helinox Chair Two vs. Sunset? What’s the Difference?

Model Helinox Chair Two Helinox Sunset
Photo Helinox Chair Two Helinox Sunset Chair
Seat Height 9.5 inches 14 inches
Weight 2.7 pounds 3.25 pounds
Colors 3 colors 17 stunning colors
Best Price Amazon Amazon

The Helinox Chair Two and the Helinox Sunset are the two most popular Helinox chairs in terms of sales. There are actually not very many differences when it comes to the difference between these two chairs. The Sunset chair has a slightly higher seat height and back so your legs wouldn’t be in direct contact with the floor. If you like to lay your legs close to the ground while you’re sitting, then the Chair Two model is great. On the other hand, the Sunset chair weighs 3.25 pounds, a little heavier than the Helinox chair two, which only weighs 2.7 pounds.

The Helinox Chair Two is the taller version of the Chair One by design. Since a lot of people experienced problems regarding the lack of back support on Chair One, Helinox came up with the Helinox Chair Two, offering better neck and back support that allows the user to lean and sit back. The perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day and still keep cool.

We’ll break down some of the main differences, including height, width, and weight.

Helinox Sunset Chair Lightweight, High-Back, Compact, Collapsible...
  • Lightweight, portable, collapsible chair with a taller...
  • Chair frame is constructed from advanced proprietary...
  • Removable seat and zippered carrying case are made from...
  • Setup is fast with a single internal bungee cord that...
  • Weighs just 3.4 pounds and measures 5 x 4.5 x 19 inches...
Helinox Chair Two Ultralight, High-Back, Collapsible Camping...
  • Ultralight, collapsible, high-back backpacking and camping...
  • Frame constructed from advanced proprietary DAC aluminum...
  • Breathable, comfortable, supportive seat made from durable,...
  • Set-up is fast easy with shock corded poles and intuitive...
  • Chair measures 21.5W x 24D x 33.5H inches, 5 x 4.5 x 18...


Helinox Chair Two vs. Sunset: Heigh Difference
Photo: Amazon

If you compare the Helinox Sunset and the Helinox Chair Two side by side, you’ll notice that the legs are longer on the Sunset. If you’re a petite individual, you’d most likely dangle your legs when you sit on the Helinox Sunset. If you like sitting without your feet touching the ground, then this is a good choice.

The problem with this design for the Helinox Chair Two is the fact that you might find it a bit difficult to get up and move around if you decide to sit on it for quite some time. You’d want to stretch out your legs if you want to sit comfortably with the Helinox Chair Two.

Having the chance to try both, I’d say that the Helinox Sunset’s height is better compared to the Chair Two. The Sunset is more ergonomic in this aspect since you can expect outdoor activities to be tiring. And after a long day, imagine getting off the Chair Two from a deep squat position. In addition, if you sit on the Helinox Sunset, you’ll notice that your legs will either dangle (if you’re the petite type) or have your legs at a 90-degree angle, making it easier to get off the chair.

Model Helinox Chair Two Helinox Sunset
Seat Height 9.5 inches 14 inches
Packed Height 4.5 inches 4.5 inches
Depth 24 inches 28.5 inches


When it comes to the width, the Chair Two has a 21.5-inch width when assembled. Its width is reduced to only around 4.5 inches when packed. The Helinox Sunset is a bit wider at 23 inches when fully assembled. However, when packed, it is a bit bulky at 18.5 inches in width.

It means that the Chair Two is better if you’re planning to hike or if you only have limited space when going outdoors. This option will allow you to pack more stuff and to have more space if you’re using an RV. 


Model Helinox Chair Two Helinox Sunset
Weight 2.7 pounds 3.25 pounds

The Helinox Chair Two is 2.7 pounds compared to the Helinox Sunset’s 3.25 pounds of weight. This difference in weight allows you to save on some more grams if you need an ultralight chair.

At this point, it is important to note that Helinox did not provide a carrying case for either chair model. Meaning that you can carry them with their own straps or purchase your own bag depending on what best fits your needs and taste.

Colors and Design

The Sunset chair comes with 17 stunning colors and designs like the Military Olive, Forest Green, MultiCam, and more. In comparison, Helinox Chair Two is only available in 3 colors. The colors are so vibrant, and I get so many compliments on the colors and design of the Sunset chair.

Helinox Sunset is great if you want to feel comfortable while spending time outdoors and still enjoy its design that will add color to your camping experience. This Helinox option works best for people who want to achieve a more minimalist feel when spending time outdoors. 

Helinox Chair Two vs. Sunset? What’s the same?

The Helinox Chair Two and the Sunset have a few things that make them stand out from each other. However, these two chairs have a lot of things in common.


The Helinox Chair Two and the Sunset both provide great comfort. Even if the back support of the Sunset is a bit lower compared to the Chair Two, it gets the job done in supporting the spine, neck, and shoulders.

I am 5′ 11″ and around 156 pounds, and I initially thought that I was too big for both chairs. But after trying the Chair Two and the Sunset on different camping trips, I find both to be comfortable thanks to both their high back designs. After using both, I’d never return to the regular-sized camping chairs that only support the lumbar area.

We mentioned earlier that the Sunset is better for taller individuals since you get to sit with your knees at a 90-degree angle. But in reality, if you only stretch out your legs with the Chair Two, then you will be fine. You can sit back and rest for hours with both. This is true not only for smaller guys but even for bigger individuals. 


Photo: helinox

Both Sunset and the Chair Two are well-made. The materials are known to withstand the unpredictable weather of the outdoors. It comes with light, but durable materials developed especially for people who hike. The metal parts and the fabric are handy in both dry and wet conditions.

Helinox has a 5-year warranty for both camping chairs. It’s a sign that both Sunset and the Chair Two are durable and well-made. This covers any manufacturing defects in both materials and craft, giving you the confidence that you are investing in something that can last for a long time.


The construction of both the Sunset and the Chair Two are the same. Both camping chairs have tubing made of TH72M. This material is very popular among brands that develop expedition tents. Helinox changed it a bit and created bigger tubing using the TH72 alloy material.

The tubes underwent a “green anodizing” process giving the tubes a protective and durable finish that can help tolerate both sunny and wet days. The anodizing process is also responsible for keeping the poles scratch-free. Even after a few weeks of constantly heading outdoors, the poles on both Chair Two and Sunset still look brand new. The anodized tubes also make it easy to slide the tubes into the hubs. As for the hubs, they are made of high-strength nylon material. 

The uncomplicated construction makes both chairs easy to assemble in a few minutes, even for people who never read the manual or never tried any of these camping chairs. The tubes have an elastic shock cord that links the frame sections together.


One of the biggest worries that I used to have is that the chair isn’t sturdy enough to support my weight or the weight of other friends and family members who will be going with me on a trip. The good news is that both the Sunset and the Chair Two have the best construction that can support even large individuals.

Both Chair Two and Sunset have a capacity of 145 kg or 320 pounds. That speaks a lot to how sturdy the tubes and fabrics are. As mentioned, I weigh around 156 pounds, and the chairs feel stable. The only downside is that the Helinox Sunset might feel a bit cozier if you’re a big guy since it is wider. But when it comes to supporting the person’s weight, both Chair Two and Sunset work great. The hips don’t feel like sinking, plus the legs also feel stable enough.

Chair Accessories

Both the Chair Two and the Helinox Sunset come with a carry bag that can also act as a headrest. You can put a towel inside the carry bag and strap it on your chair with its Velcro. If you feel that it’s not too comfy, you can still get the Helinox Air & Foam Headrest.

Helinox designed both Chair Two and Sunset to be compatible with the rocking feet accessory that you can buy separately. This way, you don’t just get a camping chair but a rocking chair when you’re outdoors. If you also feel that you’re sinking when you set up the camp chair on a soft surface, you can get the groundsheet from Helinox that can spread the load. And lastly, both are compatible with the beer holder.

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Final Thoughts

The Chair Two and the Helinox Sunset are two of the best camp chairs that you can go for. The bottom line is that you can never go wrong with either. It’s a great choice not only for smaller individuals but even for big guys who love to sit around by the campfire.

Despite slight differences in design, both Helinox Sunset and the Helinox Chair Two are durable and comfortable chairs that can help improve your camping experience. But if you’re a budget-conscious camper, the Chair Two offers a more affordable price tag. 

I hope this guide answers your question. If anything about it isn’t clear, feel free to ask directly! I am always happy (and eager) for feedback from readers, so please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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