Do YETI Coolers Float? [Test Video Included]

Do YETI Coolers Float

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Are you planning an expedition but don’t know how to carry essential commodities like foods and drinks? 

We have the perfect solution for you: Yeti coolers. These units are ideal for transporting eatables while you’re lazily ambling down water bodies. 

But you might be wondering – how do Yeti coolers float? Well, it’s pretty interesting and to know more don’t forget to read the rest of our guide. 

Do Yeti Coolers Float In Water? 

It’s no secret that engineers have designed Yeti coolers to withstand harsh conditions but little did you know that they can float as well. 

So do Yeti coolers float in water? The short answer is yes. Most Yeti coolers can float, making them suitable for numerous outdoor activities. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the unit sinking to the bottom of the river, meaning that it’s perfect for camping or rafting expeditions.

Now, you may be worried about the weight of the contents, so let us assure you that it stays afloat irrespective of the food items in it. This is because all Yeti models have an insulated plastic lining that makes the container lightweight and adds to the buoyancy. 

What’s more, the inner walls have small pockets that trap the air, allowing you to conveniently transport the cooler over most water bodies. In other words, it works like a life jacket for food items and drinks. 

In fact, you can fill the container with ice up to the brim, and it still won’t sink. After all, ice is lighter than water and tends to float without any assistance. 

That said, it would be best to check the design of the Yeti model you’re purchasing, ensuring there are no heavy components that could topple it.

How To Float A Yeti Cooler Down River? 

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Now that you know why a Yeti cooler floats, you may be curious about how to transport it safely over a lake, stream, or river. 

Have you thought about tubing? It promises to be a fun activity in summer, allowing you to enjoy the cool water while proving effective for floating a Yeti cooler down the river. 

All you need to ensure is that the container is lightweight and doesn’t have heavy components that could topple it. Once you’re sure that it’s the right model, the only materials you’ll need are a raft and rope. 

Begin by inflating the raft and setting it on the water. Make sure that the raft has the necessary strength to support the cooler, following which you can place the unit on it. 

Then tie a rope on both sides of the tube and make sure that the knot is secure. Furthermore, tie the loose end to the tubing you’re using and keep a distance of 5-10 feet between the two rafts. 

If you follow these steps, it should be easy to tow the Yeti cooler downriver. 

Tips For River Or Lake Tubing With A Yeti Cooler? 

In this section, we’ll mention certain tips that will help you while tubing with a yeti cooler. 

Choose An Appropriate Model 

We suggest purchasing easy access coolers that have multiple entry points to guarantee convenience. Additionally, it would be best to choose units with cup holders, ensuring that you can safely store your drink.  

Storage Options 

If there are items that can get wet, you can store them in the cooler. Wrap all perishables in a plastic bag or proper container and keep them along with the food. 

You should also carry extra water and bring canned drinks rather than bottles to reduce the risk of breaking. 

Carry A Trash Bag 

It’s essential to carry a trash bag so that you can efficiently dispose of all waste items. This is another space-saving hack that comes in handy while tubing, not to mention, it keeps the water clean. 

Buy Cans Instead of Bottles

It is always good to buy cans instead of bottles. Glass containers are prohibited near rivers because they can be dangerous if broken open.

Check the Restrictions

Be sure to check the restrictions for areas you’re planning on the tubing. Some rivers will forbid the consumption of alcohol while floating down them, so be prepared!

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you’ve all the information and can find a suitable Yeti cooler to carry on your outdoor adventures. 

Now, we’ve mentioned most of the factors that will help you float the cooler downriver. However, you must consider the climate of the area where you’re going to determine if the cooler can keep the foods and drinks safe.  

For instance, you’ll have to purchase a bigger cooler and tube for greater reliability in extremely hot conditions. But all things considered, most Yeti models will come in handy while you’re exploring the natural world with your family. 

So, next time you feel thirsty while tubing, simply pull the cooler closer and pop open your favorite drink! 

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