7 Fun Camping Drinking Games (Kill Boredom & Keep the Fun Going)

7 Fun Camping Drinking Games

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Few activities can match the enjoyment and thrill of camping. Playing camping and drinking games can add to the fun. 

Traditional camping encourages you to leave behind all unnecessary luxuries such as mobile phones, tablets, and most electronics that we use for entertainment. One of the greatest pleasures of camping is the ability to enjoy yourself with just the basics. 

However, the absence of entertainment tools does not equate to boredom. An excellent way to pass the time is to play fun camping drinking games. If you are planning a camping trip with your friends and are looking for the best drinking games, sit tight. 

Best Camping Games For Adults Drinking

We have a list of camping drinking games to double the fun and excitement on your next trip! 

Alphabet Game

It’s not unknown that our minds don’t really work at their optimum when we are drinking. However, testing your faculties can be fun, not to mention pretty interesting. 

The Alphabet Game can be played by picking any category (such as countries, animals, food) and starting with the first letter of the alphabet. One person begins the round, and the group goes in a circle until you reach the letter “z.” Of course, any person who fails to answer has to take a drink. 

Two Truths And A Lie

Another interesting drinking game to spice up your camping expedition is “Two Truths And A Lie.” The best part about this game is that you can play it in a group or make it an exciting game for two. The game is a fascinating way of finding out facts about each other, and of course, enjoying a couple (or more) drinks while you’re at it!

A player begins by making three statements – two of which are truths, and only one is a lie. The other players have to guess which of the statements is a lie. All the players who guess incorrectly must take a drink. 

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Camping Words

What better game to play during a camping trip than a game related to camping? Well, in this game, the players have to create a list of common words relating to camping. It is best to note them down, so you don’t forget them during the rest of the trip. The words have to be camping-related, such as a tent, fire, bush, animals, forest, trees, stars, etc.

These are the “forbidden words.” Any time a player says any of the words during the trip, they have to take a drink.

I’m Going To The Bar

There’s nothing like a little memory game to spruce up an outdoor camping drinking session. This game is pretty easy but works best when the players have already had a couple of drinks in their system. The entire objective of the game is to test who has the best memory – while under the influence of alcohol. 

The game begins when one player says, “I’m going to the bar, and I need a beer.” The next player then repeats the sentence but adds another drink to it, for example, “I’m going to the bar, and I need a beer and a shot of tequila.”

The game continues as players keep adding drinks to the sentence. Whoever gets the name of a drink wrong or misses a drink has to take the next drink or shot. You can make the game more complicated by adding complex drink names – just to add to the fun!

Never Have I Ever

Almost all of us have heard of the game “Never Have I Ever.” It’s safe to say that most of us have played it as well. Although this game can be played by kids, it is best played amongst adults. This allows you to add suggestive sentences that make the game even more exciting. 

To begin the game, state a fact about yourself, starting with the words “Never have I ever.” Of course, you cannot lie, so make sure you have something interesting to add here. 

Any player who has done the thing you mentioned must take a drink. If none of the players have done it, then everyone must take a drink. 

This is one of the best games to play if you’re drinking beer because you will likely drink a lot during the game!

Musical Chairs

A popular game which we have all played during our childhood – Musical Chairs. Well, this time, it comes with a twist! 

The rules of the game are simple – all the players must walk around a set of chairs (or anything else you are using for sitting) as the music plays. Once the music stops, the players have to scramble to find a seat.

The player that is left without a seat must take a drink. More often than not, people playing this game often begin just dancing to the music and having a great time! Reminds you a little bit of a music festival, doesn’t it?

Most Likely 

This game is a fun and curious way to discover what friends think about you; instead, how weird they think you are!

The players begin by forming a sentence starting with the words “Who is most likely to…?” Here, you can add anything you like, for example – “Who is most likely to forget their cell phone at home?” or “Who is most likely to go on a dating app right after a breakup?”

The number of fingers pointing at you is the number of drinks you need to take! 


Camping trips are one of the best ways to get in touch with nature while enjoying the company of your friends. Of course, what makes the experience better is enjoying some fun camping drinking games!

We hope you enjoyed learning about these games and have even more fun playing them. Do you know of any other fun camping drinking games to add to the list? Remember to let us know!

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