Why is Arc’teryx So Expensive? (Here’s the Answer)

Why is Arc'teryx So Expensive

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It’s not common to see costly brands becoming popular among the masses.

However, Arc’teryx is one such brand that has made its way to the top with the founders’ efforts to develop and innovate products. From making only rock climbing gear to introducing outdoor apparel that double up as stylish casual wear- the brand is the most recommended among athletes and adrenaline junkies!

But why is Arc’teryx so expensive? Do the products actually last a lifetime or is the brand simply covering its manufacturing and advertising costs using our savings?

Let’s find out as we discuss the manufacturing practices, product warranty, and everything in between.

About Arc’teryx

Founded in 1989 by Jeremy Guard and Dave Lane, the brand was originally named Rock Solid and was solely meant to manufacture climbing gear. But Lane soon left the company, and Guard ended up rebranding Rock Solid to Arc’teryx in 1991.

The name was inspired by a prehistoric bird-like dinosaur, Archaeopteryx, to signify the brand motive of innovating disruptive “evolution” within the industry. Some of the early popular products by the brand include the Vapor harness, which used heat laminate (thermolamination) technology.

Later, the brand joined hands with GORE-TEX and used the hi-tech fabric to strengthen its products further, enabling one to protect themselves in rough terrain and erratic climatic conditions. This collaboration undoubtedly favored Arc’teryx to the point that it is now the go-to brand for every outdoor enthusiast, despite the high price tag.

Reasons Why Is Arc’teryx So Expensive

Uses Premium Materials

For starters, Arc’teryx uses premium quality materials and ensures each product is well-made for rough use. In fact, some of the jackets from the brand are known to last for decades, making them a valuable investment. 

With its headquarters in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, the VP designer claims that the brand could not have been manufactured any better in any other location. In fact, the wilderness of the area proves to be an ideal testing ground for outdoor apparel.

Notably, the fabric and the insulation used in Arc’teryx products give it an edge over other high-end brands. Not to forget that the GORE-TEX fabric provides all-weather protection and durability to the garment. Add to that the longevity and warmth of the Polartec fleece, and you are set for climbing the coldest and highest of mountains!

Moreover, the insulation used varies for different products- some may have natural down with 750 fill power while the rest may boast synthetic down like ThermaTek and Coreloft. 

Built To Last

As mentioned earlier, products from Arc’teryx are highly durable, and some may even last for two decades! 

The brand claims its design center is like an engineering lab with a complete industrial shop equipped with all the tools required to make and break products. The fact that the designing and manufacturing process often takes years is testimony to the quality and durability of the products. 

Notably, the softshell fabric used in most of the jackets is the most durable among other brands, as well.

Arc’teryx Is Always Innovating

The main reason behind Arc’teryx always coming up with the best quality products is its focus on innovation and improvement. 

Today, we live in an era of fleeting fashion trends, and the ever-demanding user wants to wear something functional while looking and feeling good in it. That’s when the well-thought designs by Arc’teryx enter the scene!

First off, the shape and fit of the garments are ideal for adrenaline chasers and ensure optimum functionality. Equipped with watertight underarm zippers, cohesive hems, multiple pockets on the chest and bicep areas, the jackets are made to allow comfort, free movement, and easy layering.

Interestingly, many celebrities like Frank Ocean and Drake have been spotted wearing Arc’teryx jackets, thanks to the fashionable and colorful options available.

Design And Fit

Adding to the previous point, the minimalistic yet stylish design of Arc’teryx outerwear is the USP of the brand. Not a single feature of any garment is unnecessary and is incorporated after much research and thought.

For instance, the non-helmet compatible StormHood in the Zeta series can be adjusted according to the weather, the high collar in the Alpha jackets blocks dust and wind, etc. All of these features may look small but add on to make Arc’teryx a popular pick today.

Product Life Cycle And Warranty

By now, we have already established that Arc’teryx products are built to last. But how can one be sure about its longevity?

Fortunately, the brand backs its products with a limited warranty and impressive customer care. So, if you receive a damaged/wrong product, you may get a free replacement or repair. Alternatively, if the product suffers from wear and tear while you use it, the brand will repair it at a nominal rate.

The brand may also offer you a completely functional product that was discarded during the quality assurance check at a highly discounted price. So, rest assured, no matter the case, the warranty and customer service will never leave you unsatisfied.

Positive Environmental Practices

Just like the Patagonia, besides making highly durable products that reduce the amount of environmental waste caused by the fashion industry, Arc’teryx is sustainable at its core. And since a majority of outdoor enthusiasts are environmentally conscious, this brand is in their good books!

For instance, the raw materials used in the garments are certified by Bluesign, implying that they are better for the environment and free of chemicals. Also, the down jackets are sourced from the feathers of humanely-treated birds, and the material is RDS-certified. 

Is Arc’teryx Worth The Price?

If your budget allows, we highly recommend Arc’teryx for its premium quality, impressive warranty, and eco-friendly approach. We specifically appreciate how the brand puts a lot of research and practical effort into creating long-lasting products.

However, any product by Arc’teryx should be treated as an investment. It’s supposed to be used for a longer period of time in order to fight back the ill effects of fast fashion. So, if you’re ready to commit to a minimalist wardrobe with a single jacket from Arc’teryx- yes, it indeed IS worth the price!

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