Ski Jacket Vs. Snowboard Jacket (What’s the Difference?)


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To the untrained eye, there’s no difference between buying a ski jacket and a snowboard jacket. But in reality, you’ll find a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle differences when comparing a ski jacket vs snowboard jacket. 

When I first tried snow sports, I realized that having the right gear makes a huge difference in your performance and how you learn a snow sport. Wearing the right jacket can help speed up your learning curve. But also, some skiers just don’t want to buy specialized jackets- they’re too expensive!

In this guide, you’ll learn why a snowboard jacket or a ski jacket is a good thing to have. Plus, you’ll be able to evaluate if you need to have these specialized jackets if you’re just learning how to ski or snowboard. 

Ski Jacket Vs. Snowboard Jacket, What’s the Difference? 

A ski jacket is slimmer than the snowboard jackets that you’ll see in the market today. If you think that it’s just some marketing ploy to make you buy more gear, you have to understand that skiing and snowboarding require different movements. 

For starters, skiing is faster than snowboarding. The maximum speed recorded on skis reached 150 mph, while a snowboarder only reached the top speed of 125 mph. This is true not only among competitive skiers and snowboarders. Recreational skiers tend to go faster than their recreational snowboarding counterparts. 

Why is this concept important? It only means that the ski jacket is designed for speed, while the looser snowboarding jackets are designed to give users the freedom to move when they control the snowboard. On top of that, snowboarding and skateboarding culture are closely related. It means that it’s also trend that made snowboard jackets and pants baggy. 

A ski jacket has to be slimmer because skiing involves a greater range of motion. In order for the ski jacket to have a full range of movement, ski jackets have been designed to accommodate ski movements. And if your ski jacket is too bulky, not only will it pull you back, but it can also interfere with your freedom while doing a turn.

Here’s a ski jacket vs. snowboard comparison to help you identify which snow jacket is right for your snow sport:

Snowboarding requires protection from cold and snow; ski jackets provide this and more. The ski jacket also provides added protection from wind by covering your face and neck area. Because of the design of ski jackets, ski jackets are also able to provide ski boots with insulation. The ski jacket is your first line of defense against the elements.

Ski jackets offer more stability than snowboard jackets because ski jackets have a tight fit, which prevents snow from accumulating on top of the ski jacket. This way, you won’t need to worry about exposing a layer of clothing underneath or having a bulkier ski jacket bumping into itself when turning and twisting.

A ski jacket comes with lots of pockets where you can keep all your small items such as cash, earphones, and snacks so that you don’t have to carry a bulky bag while going for a ski trip or skiing down mountains. On the other hand, most snowboard jackets won’t have pockets for your small items.

Ski jackets are more expensive compared to snowboard jackets because ski gear needs specialized technology to make it functional and at the same time comfortable. The ski jacket has several features that help skiers control their body functions even while exerting a lot of energy during skiing activities.

What Do Ski Jackets Have?

Ski jackets are designed to keep you warm, dry, comfortable, and safe on the ski slopes or ski runs. Most ski jackets have insulation that can keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures. They also come with waterproof fabrics so that moisture doesn’t seep through the outer shell, keeping you dry on those wet, snowy days.

Most ski jackets will come with adjustable or removable insulated hoods, and some ski jackets also come with a powder skirt which helps it stay in place. Ski jackets may also have a ski-pass pocket to make it easy for you to ski pass to your friends; ski passes are usually situated inside the ski jacket somewhere near the chest area.

Another ski jacket feature is waterproof zippers which can keep water from seeping through the ski jacket because zippers tend to be one of the weak points when it comes to bad weather protection. This makes skiing easier because you won’t need to take off your ski jacket every time you hit the slopes!

Ski Jacket vs. Snowboard Jacket, What’s The Same? 

Even if the design is different for ski and snowboard jackets, both were made to help protect the user from harsh conditions and cold weather. Both jackets have materials that promote insulation and keep off water from getting inside.

The majority of ski and snowboard jackets in the market also make use of warm fleece lining underneath to keep the body warm. As for the outer material, it is usually a waterproof shell that repels water. Aside from that, both jackets also have both internal and external pockets sealed by zippers to store your belongings. 

Over the years, both ski and snowboard jackets have become available for different types of users. There are jackets for both snowboarding and skiing designed for beginners, advanced, and even for the pros. The same can be said about the price range of these jackets. Some are for budget-strapped hobbyists, while others offer superior quality materials and designs to cater to the pros’ needs.  

Can You Wear a Snowboard Jacket for Skiing? 

In reality, no one is stopping you from wearing whatever it is that you want. If you choose to wear a snowboard jacket when skiing, you can do so. Since both skiing and snowboarding jackets can help protect you from the cold weather and water, then this can get the job done. However, there will be some downsides to this. 

For starters, don’t expect to be aerodynamic if you are wearing a snowboard jacket while skiing. Given the looser fit of snowboarding jackets, the material of the jacket will cause a lot of drag and slow you down. 

You might feel that you have more freedom to move around if you are wearing a snowboard jacket. That’s because this type of jacket is longer and baggier than ski jackets that have tight-fitting designs. But if you’re a serious skier, it’s something that you shouldn’t do simply because wearing a snowboard jacket can slow you down. 

Can I Snowboard with Any Jacket? 

Just like in skiing using a snowboard jacket, no one is stopping you from wearing a jacket of your choice while snowboarding. However, you have to make sure that you are wearing something that can protect you from the sub-zero temperature and the water that could potentially make you feel cold once you get wet. 

Having a jacket that has waterproof shell material outside is a must. Also, you will have to make sure that you wear a fleece jacket underneath to keep you warm. These are basic things that you have to prepare if you have no plans of buying a snowboard jacket. 

But of course, you also want to manage your expectations. Snowboard jackets were designed to promote the movement required for the sport. Also, some snowboard jackets are designed to have padding that can protect the person from falling. The padding is designed to lessen the impact. 

If you will insist on wearing a non-specialized jacket, be sure that you’re going to do it in a ski resort for safety reasons. Here, you can head to a warm place easily if you start feeling cold and if your jacket doesn’t offer you warmth.  

Can I Wear A Normal Jacket For Skiing? 

A lot of people tend to use their ordinary day-to-day jackets for skiing. There’s a reason why this is possible. For starters, you only have to worry if the jacket can keep you warm and dry. 

If you are wearing a normal jacket for skiing, you have to evaluate its design and materials. First, does it have a water-resistant shell?  

Next, you also want to have layers of clothing inside the water-resistant jacket. A fleece jacket underneath is advisable. This can help keep your body warm while skiing. 

If you don’t have the proper ski jacket and you are looking to just wear a normal jacket, there are a few things that you should first look into. For starters, just like snowboarding, you want to be doing it in a resort. This way, you can always just go to a warm place if you already feel cold. 

Final Thoughts 

By design, snowboard jackets and ski jackets are different. If you want to ski in style, make sure that you are wearing the right ski jacket. We suggest that you go with ski jackets from brands like Spyder ski jackets. It is something that can keep you warm and dry while showing off your ski fashion at the same time.

If you’re a beginner, don’t get stressed that you need to have specialized jackets to enjoy the sport. What is important is to have the right gear that can keep you dry and warm whenever you’re doing the activities. 

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