Magnetic Lens Ski & Snowboard Goggles: 5 Best Options of 2021-2022


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Are you one of those nature fanatics who just loves taking a ride on the snowy hills, breathing through the rush of adrenaline? 

Whether your interest lies in skiing or snowboarding, one thing that you absolutely cannot do without is a practical and secure pair of magnetic goggles. To acquaint you further with the topic, we have put together a handy guide. 

You may continue reading to know all about magnetic lens ski & snowboard goggles.

What Are Magnetic Lens Ski & Snowboard Goggles?

Magnetic ski & snowboard goggles are eye gear specially designed with interchangeable lenses to protect your eyes and vision from snow and dust while performing a winter sport. While indulging in activities like these, you are exposed to high speed, and that leads to stray particles coming at you with a heightened velocity.

This can be really hurtful to your eyes, not allowing you to see properly, which could result in injury. Also, the field of vision and light vary according to the time of the day. In magnetic goggles, you can easily change the lenses depending on the lighting outside, thanks to its easy magnetic interchangeable mechanism.

Benefits of Magnetic Lens Ski Goggles

If you think that normal goggles would do fine enough, then we’ll have to break it to you that the reality is different. Such gear does not have the vision, grip, and thickness to sustain in harsh weather conditions like snow.

In addition, magnetic goggles have different lenses that provide UV protection against the sun and the ability to see better during the night. With the magnetic attachment and removal mechanism in place, you can switch between these lenses in a jiffy. 

Furthermore, these goggles provide a wider range of use and much more protection than normal goggles.So, it’s about time to upgrade things a little in your snowboarding or skiing experience with goggles having magnetic interchangeable lenses. 

And if you still aren’t convinced, we have some more benefits to discuss:

Different Weather, Different Lens

Not only can you change lenses with respect to the time of the day, but you can also change them based on the weather. Now, it’s far-fetched to buy different goggles for different weather like sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy. 

But with magnetic goggles, you just need to get one frame and change the lenses accordingly. It’s also worth noting that these lenses help with fog reduction too.

Changing Lenses Is A Breeze

Changing lenses in magnetic goggles is as easy as peeling a banana. Just peel off the lens from the frame and replace it with another. The magnetic grip system will automatically set it into place accurately.

Color Options

Interchangeable lenses are excellent, swift, and sustainable options if you want to bring in color variety in your winter sports wardrobe. Now you can change the shade of your eye gear every season by simply buying a new lens.

Best Magnetic Ski & Snowboard Goggles

Given the dizzying variety of options now available on the market, we’ve put together a list of top ten picks to ease out the decision-making for you.

Have a look!

Best for Large Faces: Anon M4 Toric MFI Goggles

Photo: Anon

If you have a large face and corporate brands have made you feel bad about it, we have just the right eye gear you’re looking for. The Anon M4 Toric is designed to snugly fit medium to large faces while being compatible with a helmet at the same time.

Additionally, it comes in a complete package, including an MFI mask, Cloudy Burst spare lens from Perceive, lens compression case, and a microfiber goggle bag. These lenses are known for their terrain-defining clarity, high-contrast vision, and the ability to resist smudge, scratch, and moisture.

All in all, these lightweight unisex goggles are a fantastic pick with their magnetic face mask integration feature.

Best for Value: Smith I/O MAG Snow Goggles

Photo: Smith

Available in more than 30 lens color options, Smith I/O Mag goggles are stylish as well as sustainable. With these, you can let out your vibrant and colorful side in full flair without carrying the guilt of buying different goggles just for the want of novelty. Just keep changing the lens, utilizing the magnetic changeability feature to its best.

Above that, Smith goggles have a sturdy metal frame with tough glasses. The structural integrity is extraordinary, and it is evident that this pair will stay with you for many snowboarding seasons on end.

Best for Budget: Zeal Optics Portal RLs Snow Goggle Lens

Photo: Zeal Optics

We’ll be honest and tell you that it is a total steal to get the hi-tech features of Zeal Optics Portal at such an affordable price. To begin with, these goggles have explosive vision clarity and color contrast, with one the widest vision range currently available on the market.

There is a logical reason behind that claim, and we will break it down so that you understand it better. The goggles feature a spherical lens made out of polycarbonate that increases the peripheral vision with its dual horizontal and vertical curvature. This technology makes it an instant hit among skiing and snowboard fanatics.

Furthermore, the optimum jade mirror lens keeps your eyes safe from UV damage by allowing 30% visual light transmission.

OutdoorMaster Ski PRO Magnetic Lens Goggles

Photo: OutdoorMaster

Have a genuinely unobstructed and clear view of the beautiful snow-covered slopes while going on your skiing or snowboard adventure with the frameless design of the OutdoorMaster. We are stating this because firstly, these goggles have an amazing color distinction, and secondly, they allow you to wear your regular specs beneath them.

The company understood the problem faced by people with vision problems and designed their product while being mindful of this. These goggles are also compatible with helmets, ensuring complete protection of the user.

Not just that, you can also choose among more than 20 different lens options for variety in field view and colors.

Giro Contact Adult Snow Magnetic Lens Goggle

Photo: Giro

Power-packed with unique self-locating earth magnets, the Giro Contact snow goggle is a deal worth grabbing. First off, it comes with two EXV vivid lenses that promise a wide field view.

Next, the magnetic lock system allows an effortless and virtually on-the-fly lens interchange capability. All you need to do is bring the lens in contact with the frame and let it do its things. The lens will automatically snap into place and securely lock itself.

Lastly, it is equipped with the Evak vent technology that minimizes fogging by altering between creating a barrier and releasing moisture. This technique is pretty effective and significantly reduces the chances of view obstruction due to fog.

Magnetic Ski & Snowboard Goggles Buying Advice

Lens Quality

The quality of the lens decides the clarity and scope of your view while performing a winter sport. That’s why you can’t afford to compromise on this front.

Invest in lenses that are durable as well as scratch and moisture-resistant. If they can stand their ground against fog, then it’s even better. Lastly, take into account the view offered by them because pronounced peripheral vision and panoramic view are qualities worth having. 


Honestly, wearing magnetic goggles that make you uncomfortable while doing something that you love is a major turn-off. So, it’s essential to check the comfort level of the gear before buying.

Typically the designs having a triple memory foam layer and three-strap elastic adjustability are a breather to don. 

Ventilation And Breathability

What is even the point in loading yourself with hi-tech eye gear and ultimately ending up struggling to breathe freely? Instead of opting for tight rubber frames, go with rugged metal ones. They will give your pores enough space to exchange air breezily.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the goggles shouldn’t be too tight near your nasal area. After all, your body naturally demands a high supply of oxygen while doing strenuous physical activities on the hills. It’s the need of the hour to wear something that allows good ventilation.


Durability is a basic necessity for all ski gear accessories. Such activities involve rough-housing and exposure to harsh weather. Consequently, it becomes crucial to choose rugged and robust equipment.

Check the material used for making the frame and lenses in your goggles. Go for metal frames and tough glass or PC lenses for best results.


Having the desire to look good while doing something is only natural to everyone. Magnetic goggles come in an array of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors – the options are endless!

You can decide whether you want a heavily framed pair or a rimless one, whether a plastic strap will suit you better, or an elastane one; the list just goes on. We advise not overthinking this part and just select the one that suits your face shape and other vital needs.

Final Thoughts 

On that note, we’ve reached the end of our extensive review-based guide for ski & snowboard goggles with magnetic interchangeable lenses. We started out by discussing the “what” and “why” of the matter and finished with the best ten options out of hundreds and thousands available on the market.

We hope that we were clear in driving home the idea of magnetic goggles being superior to the regular ones, owing to their swift lens replacement and variety while being sustainable. 

Before wrapping up, we’d like to tell you that the Anon M4 Toric and the Zeal Optics Portal are hands-down among the best magnetic goggles of the time. So, that’s it for us then!

Until next time.

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