Is Marmot A Good Brand?(That’s a Big YES From Me!)

Is Marmot A Good Brand

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Outdoor adventures are best when they are spontaneous. 

But without preparing the right gear, your escape to the wilderness won’t last long. Whether the weather outside is damp and drizzly, hot and clammy, or dry and frigid, you need protection against these elements to stay comfortable and safe. 

That said, don’t underestimate the importance of high-quality outdoor clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, boots, tents, and so on. Fortunately, the long-standing outdoor gear industry takes care of all these needs.

In fact, many adventure junkies turn to reputable global giants, such as Marmot, without a second thought. But is the brand worth all the hype? Is Marmot a good brand?

Let’s find out. 

What Kind Of Brand Is Marmot? 

At its height of popularity, Marmot was considered one of the industry’s leading names, along with other world-famous brands, such as Arc’teryx, Mountain Hardwear, Patagonia, and Outdoor Research. And like its competitors, Marmot specialized in premium outdoor gear. 

This decades-old brand was first established in 1974, acquired by Jarden Corp. in 2007, and eventually passed into the hands of Newell Brands Inc. in 2016. Things took a turn after the acquisition of Marmot by Newell Rubbermaid, which brought changes in its marketing strategy and brand philosophy. 

Is Marmot Still A Good Outdoor Brand?

Though there are so many factors in this decision, Marmot is still the best “low cost” outdoor brand when it comes to warmth, portability and weight, especially their hard goods. 

Obviously, their gear isn’t cheap, but you can get good features and functionality with decent enough quality at lower prices because you can usually find a sale.

Superb Quality And Performance

Since its inception in the early 70s, Marmot has been pumping out well-received products from ropes and harnesses to down shell jackets and ski clothes. And while the quality remains on par with the biggest names in the industry, Marmot products come at a much more affordable price, which undoubtedly adds to its appeal.

Not to mention how Marmot remains true to its niche – unlike some of its contemporaries which have expanded into fashion apparel and lost buyers’ respect to an extent. Marmot does focus on different aspects and employs fresh perspectives, such as using sustainable materials. 

I have two pieces of their gear, and they’ve served me well on my most recent camping excursion in Grand Teton National Park– they still look as good as new!

Excellent Warranty

Many newbies dipping their toes in the world of outdoor gear often wonder what makes these products so much more expensive than, say, a T-shirt you would wear to the mall. Of course, it all comes down to durability and material quality as outdoor apparel and other gear are exposed to harsh climates and rough situations. 

That said, Marmot products have been crafted and manufactured to stand the test of time. Until a few years ago, the brand offered a lifetime warranty, which was always honored. 

More recently, the brand offers warranty repairs for common manufacturing defects. The process takes about 10-12 weeks, and buyers qualify for the warranty right after the purchase. 

Lack Of Innovation 

Marmot loyalists stay for the fit and quality the brand offers, but have often expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of innovation in recent products. However, the change in ownership may be held responsible for this setback.

As of now, the company has brought in new creative heads on board who are set to reengineer Marmot products to bring back their original glory. Among these changes, prospective buyers can expect a new brand outlook that puts a fun and positive spin on outdoor products, generally associated with suffering and grit. The brand also hints that a size-inclusive range is brewing.

Is Marmot A Good Brand For Tents?

Be it outdoor enthusiasts or dads looking to spend some time with the kids over the weekend, Marmot remains their go-to destination for tents that last years after years. 

Not to mention how the brand offers tents in various sizes. Whether you are looking for a family-size tent or just a large one to accommodate a tall person, you are sure to find one that is the right fit.

Is Marmot A Good Brand For Sleeping Bags?

Although Marmot is most well-known for its selection of outdoor jackets, it boasts of an exceptional range of camping gear, including tents and sleeping bags. In fact, some long-time customers claim that they have been using the same sleeping bag for decades and still don’t see signs of wear. 

However, it is worth noting that these products may not offer as much in terms of innovation, as they do in durability. At the same time, with its much-anticipated relaunch, Marmot may turn things around. 

Is Marmot A Good Brand For Jackets?

If anything, Marmot outdoor jackets are the brand’s USP. Like most of its other products, Marmot uses only certified goose down for its insulated down jackets. Needless to say, they provide enough warmth and durability to weather harsh climates. 

Some believe that you can wear these through torrential rains in Norway or while climbing chimneys in Yosemite – and they will still hold up. Anyhow, buyers can choose from a wide range of options, including windbreakers, three-in-one jackets, softshells, vests, and so on.

Is Marmot A Good Ski Brand?

The Marmot store offers a handful of products made for Alpine climate, which include tents, sleeping bags, and ski jackets made with GORE-TEX and Primaloft insulation. In addition to its highly acclaimed range of ski bibs, you will find plenty of quality gear for your next ski trip. 

Is Marmot An Expensive, High-End Brand?

Considering that most outdoor gear is relatively expensive compared to daily wear, Marmot provides high-quality products at a reasonable price. In fact, genuine high-end brands with products that cost hundreds of dollars more only deliver marginal gains over Marmot.

Final Thoughts

While Marmot provides excellent quality to price ratio, consider how several factors decide the performance and durability of any product. These include the fit of the product itself, what you will use it for, the performance you expect, and so on. 

That said, carefully plan your budget and be clear on what you want as different brands offer a wide range of outdoor products in the same price range. At the end of the day, you don’t want to end up splurging just for the sake of the brand name. 

However, Marmot has proven itself to be a good brand overall. Although its decades-long reputation as a leading pioneer may have taken a dip, outdoor thrillseekers can expect a thrilling comeback from Marmot in the near future.

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