Best Bike Helmets for Big Heads (Road, MTB, Full Face & More)


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Sometimes it feels like we cyclists are a special breed and that our needs can’t possibly be met by the average bike helmet manufacturer. I mean, come on, everyone knows how hard it is to find one size fits all, especially your head is on the bigger and wide side.

And because shopping for suitably-sized helmets is always a challenge, you may end up not wearing one and put yourself in the face of danger. Some people suffering from similar size issues may even cut the inner pads to make more room — only to suffer from discomfort.

So, whether you are looking for bike helmets for big heads or even an extra large helmet to wear over a beanie or a bandana during winters, here are our top picks.

Large Head Bike Helmets Top Picks

Best Overall Bike Helmet for Large Heads


Giro’s Synthe is a great choice for anyone looking for a lightweight and comfortable helmet for big heads. It delivers comfort with adequate padding and a lightweight design that allows for ample ventilation.

Combined with the patented Roc Loc Air system, the full-circumference adjustable headband and its open and wide interior provide a customizable fit for a variety of head shapes and sizes.

  • Small: 20.1 – 21.7 inches (51-55 cm)
  • Medium: 21.7 – 23.2 inches (55-59 cm)
  • Large: 23.2 – 24.8 inches (59-63 cm)

You’ll also like the small Y-buckle and adjustable chinstrap that keep the helmet securely and comfortably in place while riding. On the other hand, the Synthe MIPS is surprisingly lightweight, coming in at 312 g for Large size while the size Medium weighs in at 268 g.

The Synthe is a well-ventilated helmet that comes with 26 wind vents and Giro’s innovative Wind Tunnel ventilation system, which allows the fresh air to circulate over and around your head while forcing heat air out.

The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is included to reduce the rotational forces on the brain in the event of an angled impact. No matter you enjoy spending all day on the trails or battling a crosswind on a flat road, the Synthe has you covered.

What we like:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Low profile design

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive

Best Budget Large Heads Bike Helmet


Giro may be best known for its range of premium products, but it has something for everyone. And whether you are looking for a bike helmet for large heads, a quality product on a budget, or a combination of both, the Giro Fixture MIPS XL may be worth considering. 

The Fixture comes in a universal X-Large size fits up to 25.6″/65 cm heads. Rest assured, if you have a bigger head, the deep fit and adjustable harness system will provide a snug fit. 

  • Universal Adult: 21.3 – 24.0 inches (54-61 cm)
  • Universal X-Large: 22.8 – 25.6 inches (58-65 cm)

In addition, the foam shell, polycarbonate outer liner, and MIPS technology securely cushion the head to ensure optimal security. A flexible visor is large enough to shield your eyes from the sun and keep low-hanging branches out of your face on tight trails.

However, remember that despite being on the lower end of the price bracket among Giro helmets, the cost may still match those of other mid-range products. At the same time, the bike helmet is equipped with features typically found in high-end models to provide value for money. 

What we like:

  • Great price
  • Large detachable visor
  • High-end styling

What we don’t like:

  • Limited sizes
  • Non-adjustable ear splitters

Best Mountain Bike Helmet For Large Heads


Following the wild success of the A1 and A2 helmet models by Troy Lee Designs, the brand decided to push the limits with a third new and improved version. Fortunately for biking enthusiasts with big and wide heads, the enhanced features of this product include a nifty adjustment system and extra-wide coverage behind the head.

From size XS to XXL, the A3 comes in multiple sizes that should better match most head shapes. The super comfort X-static anti-microbial cut lines also allow you to customize the fit for your head shape.

  • XS/S: 20.8 – 22.0 inches (53-56 cm)
  • M/L: 22.4 – 23.2 inches (57-59 cm)
  • XL/XXL: 23.6 – 24.8 inches (60-63 cm)

 Troy Lee Designs A3 Size Chart

(Photo: Troy Lee Designs)

Moreover, the dual-density foam padding adequately protects your head in case of impact while also ensuring that it doesn’t slip off as you ride through rough terrain. In fact, this MIPS helmet has a five-star rating on the Virginia Tech helmet safety scale. So, if safety is your primary concern, you can’t go wrong with this product.

And to give bikers who have naturally big heads or develop them due to medical conditions more reason to invest in this helmet, the visor can be adjusted to several positions to suit different head shapes. What’s more, the comfortable M6 liner is designed to provide versatility; you need only trim it to your preference for superior comfort.

With its new built-in Sweat Glide system, the A3 helmet also aims to keep sweat from your eyes while riding. This will help you stay focused on the task and enjoy the ride without any distractions.

So, if you’re looking for an excellent mountain bike helmet that prioritizes both safety and comfort, look no further than the Troy Lee Designs A3!

What we like:

  • Good head coverage
  • Top-tier comfort
  • Large detachable visor
  • Sweat control system

What we don’t like:

  • Pricey
  • Moderate weight

Best Full Face MTB Helmet For Big Head


If you’re looking for an extra-large full-face mountain bike helmet, Troy Lee Designs has just what your head needs. The Stage is a top-of-the-line full-face helmet on the market with an excellent blend balance of protection, ventilation, and comfort.

At just 24.3 ounces, this helmet may be one of the most lightweight, full-face options available for enduro enthusiasts. Since enduro racing is made up of various downhill stages, this MTB helmet focuses primarily on providing airflow through the front. At the same time, the full-face design keeps your face and head protected as you engage in the dangerous sport.

  • XS/S: 20.8 – 22.0 inches (54-56 cm)
  • M/L: 22.4 – 23.2 inches (57-59 cm)
  • XL/XXL: 23.6 – 24.8 inches (60-63 cm)


(Photo: Troy Lee Designs)

On that note, enduro or downhill racing is a niche within the biking community with limited helmet options available, especially for those with big heads. Fortunately, the Stage MIPS helmet makes room for spacious ear pockets, providing enough pressure for a secure fit without causing discomfort.

It isn’t cheap, but the quality is evident: features 25 vents boost airflow, a MIPS layer under the padding adds solid protection, the FidLock buckle keeps the helmet in place while the helmet is on your head.

Anyhow, the product fares well among users who often mention the traditional padding layout made with soft yet firm material that conforms to the shape of the head. However, some others have mentioned that the chin bar may be slightly too close.

What we like:

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Comfortable fit

What we don’t like:

  • Tight chin bar

Best Road Bike Helmet For Large/ Wide Heads


The Smith Persist MIPS is a lightweight, stylish, comfortable road helmet. A couple of years ago, Smith replaced its popular Portal helmet with the Persist MIPS to address the two main issues: weight and heat. The new updates include some most notable improvements in weight and ventilation, which makes the Persist a fantastic choice for road cyclists.

First off, the Smith Persist MIPS offers exceptional amounts of airflow with its AirEvac™ ventilation system that has a total of 21 well-designed vents. The helmet boasts a sleek, contoured shape and a polished finish achieved by the matte polycarbonate shell.

The Persist model comes in a variety of sizes:

  • S: 20.1-21.7 inches (51 – 55 cm)
  • M: 21.7-23.2 inches (55 – 59 cm )
  • L: 23.2-24.4 inches (59 – 62 cm)
  • XL: 24-25.6 inches (61 – 65 cm)

Additionally, the plastic MIPS layer is a subtle black color, providing a sleek design that separates itself from the industry-typical neon and yellow frames, which can often look gaudy.

Looks aside, this new and improved model is available in sizes ranging from small to XL. In addition, the VaporFit dial provides flexibility, and the inner harness can be adjusted in three positions for a tailor-made fit. And while you may have to fiddle a bit with the snap system, you can rest assured that the helmet will stay snug without any pressure points.

What we like:

  • Excellent ventilation
  • Sleek and classy style
  • Perfect Fit

What we don’t like:

  • Slightly heavy

Best Commuter Bike Helmet for Big/Wide Head


Giro’s Radix MIPS is the latest member of Giro’s mid-level trail helmet family. Compared with their prior models, it comes with a new design with more small vents, and the extended coverage around the deep rear section offers extra protection.

When it comes to helmets, the best ones will make the biker feel as though they aren’t wearing one at all — and that’s what the Giro Radix MIPS delivers. At just 11.1 ounces, it is a lightweight option that packs all the necessary safety features, making it an ideal helmet for everyday commuting use.

Giro’s helmets have always been known for their comfort and fit; the Radix is no exception. It’s developed utilizing the Roc Loc 5.5 Mips system that allows you to adjust both the fit tension and the vertical position of the helmet on your head for a truly customized fit.

You get decent ventilation with 25 smaller Wind Tunnel vents and an internal channel. However, the Radix still falls short of the performance of good sweat management. That’s why it’s not the best choice for riders who are looking for a cooler ride on the hottest day.

Coming to the question of the hour — is this helmet suitable for big heads? Indeed, the model is available in three sizes; the X-large size is ideal for heads with a circumference of 23.2 to 24.8 inches. If the Synthe (Large) or the Fixture(X-Large) is too narrow for you, this helmet is worth a try.

  • S: 20 – 21.75 inches (51–55 cm)
  • M: 21.75 – 23.25 inches (55–59 cm)
  • L: 23.25 – 24.75 inches (59–63 cm)
  • XL: 24 – 25.55 inches (61–65 cm)

What we like:

  • Excellent fit and stability
  • Sleek style
  • Available in multiple sizes

What we don’t like:

  • Poor sweat management

Best Low-Profile Bike Helmet for Big Heads


Bell manufactured one of the all-time industry favorites — the super popular Super 3 helmet. The model was then replaced with the Bell Sixer MIPS, which soon gained a large fan following because of its superior quality padding and well-designed vents.

On that note, this low-profile bike helmet provides ample ventilation, which is especially ideal for long bike rides during the summer. What’s more, you get to choose among various designs, including a stylish camouflage print with orange details. And whether you need a helmet for a cross-country adventure or daily commute, this versatile MIPS helmet is your one-stop solution.

Considering the sweat-mitigating and top-level safety features, it may come as a surprise that this helmet comes with a mid-pack price tag. However, some customers did mention that the helmet is slightly heavier-than-average, which perhaps weighs down the product in terms of rankings.

The Sixer MIPS offer four sizes:

  • Small: 20.5 – 22.0 inches (52-56 cm)
  • Medium: 21.75 – 23.25 inches (55-59 cm)
  • Large: 22.8– 24.4 inches (58-62 cm)
  • X-Large: 24 – 25.55 inches (61–65 cm)

What we like:

  • Excellent fit and stability
  • Sleek style
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Good sweat management

What we don’t like:

  • Heavier

Best XXL Bike Helmet for Big Oval Shaped Head


This XXL bike helmet from POC delivers what it promises — the design allows ample coverage around the temples and behind the back of the head for optimal safety. On that note, this helmet is suitable for freeriding and also doubles as a high-performance lid for enduro racing.

The POC Tectal Race Spin is available in three sizes:

  • X-Small/Small: 20.1 – 21.3 inches (51-54 cm)
  • Medium/Large: 21.7 – 22.8 inches (55-58 cm)
  • X-Large/XX-Large: 23.2– 24.4 inches (59-62 cm)

In fact, adventurers who often go off the beaten path and don’t want to be limited to biking trails may want to consider this product because of its built-in RECCO reflector. That said, this electronic transponder uses a radar, which rescuers can locate in case of accidents.

But that’s hardly all you should look forward to; from a modern and attractive design to a high-performance PC shell, this helmet provides everything you will need. And the best part is that the adjustable straps and the generous size options make them an ideal fit for bikers with big heads.

What we like:

  • Well ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Great coverage
  • POC’s SPIN system

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive

Bike Helmet for Toddler With Big Head


Have a child who has taken after your love for biking? Perhaps, your little one has inherited your big head and deals with the same struggle of not being able to slide a helmet over their head. Fortunately, Giro’s line of kids’ and youth bike helmets offer a diverse range of sizes that bring its signature commitment to comfort to the table.

Designed for the challenges accompanied by mountain biking, this helmet is equipped with ample safety features. First off, it is a MIPS helmet with a low-friction layer that reduces rotational motion during impact. In addition, the soft yet firm foam liner absorbs impact, while the tough outer shell ensures durability.

Needless to say, biking is not always child’s play when every curb may seem like a leap for young bikers. However, falling now and then is a teaching moment, and Giro ensures that your kids learn the lesson — the safe way.

  • Universal Child: 20.1 – 21.3 inches (47-54 cm)
  • Universal Youth: 21.7 – 22.8 inches (50-57 cm)

What we like:

  • Comfortable
  • High ventilation
  • Adjustable

What we don’t like:

  • Limited visor

Big Heads Bike Helmets Buying Advice


A well-fitting bike helmet is essential for any biker — regardless of their head size. Apart from the discomfort, an ill-fitting bike helmet may slip off as you ride through harsh terrains, thus increasing the severity of injuries in case of crashes. 

As a rule of thumb, you should measure the circumference of your head and ensure that it matches the helmet in consideration before buying it. To do this, you can wrap a flexible tape around the widest part of your head above the eyebrows. Alternatively, you can wrap a string around your head, cut or mark it, and measure it for the final number. 

It is worth noting here that large helmets typically measure about 23.25” to 24.75” whereas extra-large helmets can be anywhere above 24.75”. When in doubt, you can go for a one-size-fits-all product with long strap features and an adjustable system. 


For the most part, mountain biking enthusiasts prefer MIPS helmets. This impact protection system consists of a thin layer that minimizes rotational force that has often been linked to increased brain injuries. Other helmet-safety technologies that provide added protection include WaveCel and SPIN.

Anyhow, you should ensure that the inner liner is made up of durable material, such as expanded polystyrene foam, to reduce impact. Also, a full-face helmet provides additional safety and is sometimes mandatory for downhill or enduro racing.


A well-ventilated and aerodynamic helmet is comfortable to wear and keeps the biker cool even during warm summers. So, don’t forget to refer to reviews and go through the product description mentioning the number of vents to know whether a helmet will provide the right amount of airiness.


Most regular bikers prefer lightweight helmets as they may reduce neck fatigue and offer better ventilation. Here, it is worth noting that the more vents a helmet has, the more lightweight it is.


At the end of the day, bike helmets are meant to maximize safety in case of unforeseen accidents. And considering how rotational motion can cause brain injuries, it’s always best to go for options equipped with safety technologies, such as MIPS helmets.

However, remember that MIPS helmets are typically slightly more expensive than regular ones. And to help you out, we have carefully curated top-notch helmets of varying prices and sizes so that you can choose the perfect fit — for your budget and big head.

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