Best Walkie Talkies for Skiing (Ski Resort & Backcountry Skiing)


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Planning a ski tour? You might’ve already chalked out the itinerary and got the equipment ready. But is that all?

Of course not! While sliding down the snowy slopes, the skiers in a group need to stay connected to have a safe, effective, and truly enjoyable skiing experience. As such, efficient walkie-talkies are essential for you and all your companions.

They’ll help you exchange any information effortlessly with the push of a button. So, before you forget, add these products to your checklist. And then read through our detailed guide to learn about the best models on the market.

Can I Use a Walkie Talkie on The Ski Resorts?

To answer this in short — yes, you can. In fact, a walkie-talkie is the best mode of communication for a ski resort.

But how is that so? Are such devices better than smartphones in this regard?

Two Way Radios Vs Cell Phones for Skiing

Two Way Radios Cell Phones
Less Costly No limited range
Easy to use Hard to use while skiing
Instant connection High roaming charges
Longer Battery Life May not work in mountains
Durable and weather-resistant Breakable, and subject to water damage

First of all, know that ski resorts are specially built and designed to facilitate smooth and safe skiing, so most of them are situated in remote areas. Here, getting proper and consistent phone signals is a matter of uncertainty.

As a result, smartphones might not help you much in staying connected with your group during a skiing session.

In comparison, walkie-talkies or two-way radios function through radio frequencies to establish communication channels within a limited area. This allows you to connect with your family or group easily as long as you are within the communication range of the device.

So, when you talk on a walkie-talkie, your speech is picked up by its microphone, encoded onto a particular frequency, and then transmitted through the antenna. Another walkie-talkie then receives the transmission through its antenna and decodes the voice through the radio signal.

What’s more, using a walkie-talkie is quite simple, as you just have to press its push-to-talk (PTT) button to communicate with others. You need only ensure the working channels between the two devices are the same, and you’re good to go.

Best Overall Walkie Talkies for Skiing


Powered by the Xtreme Range Technology for efficient long-range communication, this pack of 3 two-way radios provides an unparalleled all-around excellent performance during skiing. Anyhow, Midland is well-known for its range of reliable communication solutions for different applications, so it’s a name worth buyers’ trust.

Right off the bat, the highlight of this product is the Weather Scan+Alert feature, which keeps users informed about weather forecasts. This walkie-talkie also boasts a maximum communication range of 36 miles, facilitating clear and effective interaction in large skiing resorts.

Adding to the convenience is the high-quality sound activation and voice transmission governed by nine sensitivity controls to enable hands-free operation. There’s even a whisper mode that lets you talk quietly and still be heard by others. And if you buy this product today, you also receive a complete set of accessories that range from belt clips to packs of rechargeable batteries and mic headsets.

What we like:

  • Decent battery life
  • Good radios
  • Range of up to 38 miles

What we don’t like:

  • Unusable battery life

Best Value Walkie Talkie for Skiing


The Motorola T800 is undoubtedly the smartest of the lot, as it lets you access a variety of useful resources to make your backcountry skiing sessions safer and more enjoyable. As a brand, Motorola has carved its own niche in the tech world with its range of intelligent devices. And this is one of the finest walkie-talkies it has developed.

Interestingly, you can pair the T800 with your smartphone via Bluetooth to enable communication beyond push-to-talk. All you need to do is install the Motorola Talkabout app on the smartphone after pairing them. It will then use the walkie-talkie as a modem to send locations, messages, and more info over radio frequencies.

As a result, the device, together with the app, can keep you connected over a data range of 20 miles and a voice range of up to 35 miles. Other noteworthy features include the availability of real-time weather updates, a built-in flashlight with red and white LEDs, and dual power souring. All in all, if convenience and consistency are your major lookouts, this is the option to go for.

What we like:

  • Compatible with all FRS radios
  • Easy and fast Bluetooth setup
  • Neat Digital display 

What we don’t like:

  • Bad battery pack

Best Long Range Ski Walkie Talkie

DeWalt DXFRS300

Halfway through our list, we’ve picked this heavy-duty model from DeWALT that’s perfect for skiing on high altitudes. It features a simple yet smart interface and is tough enough to last through the coldest winters. These attributes make it one of the most reliable walkie-talkies available today.

Coming to its features, this device provides a long-distance signal range of 250,000 sq. ft. with as many as 2662 channel combinations. As a result, it provides ultra-clear sound reception all through, even while skiing over larger distances.

Communication is also increasingly convenient because of the voice-activated transmission technology and the smart key-lock that prevents accidental channel changes.

Plus, an Auto Squelch feature shuts off unwanted noise or weak transmissions when there is a difference in terrain or any range constraint. Considering the abundance of such high-quality features, this model is an apt choice for expert skiers who enjoy venturing on long skiing tours frequently.

What we like:

  • Rugged design, great range
  • Shock-resistant 
  • Great battery life
  • Voice-activated transmission

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive

Best Walkie Talkie for Backcountry Skiing


Next in line is this stylish model that comes in an intelligent two-piece design, with the main walkie-talkie unit connected to an external microphone. The innovative design and its well-thought-out dials and buttons make it much easier to operate than standard models. Furthermore, we found that it worked well both in obstructed ranges and relatively poor weather conditions while testing this device. 

All the transmissions were also clear and easily audible as long as we used them within the said range. Moreover, the glove-friendly controls of the main unit are optimized to enable ease of use and include an option for selecting pre-set channels. We also loved the advanced BC Link group communication system that facilitated the easy sharing of plans and observations in real-time. 

Plus, it helps you adhere to the planned skiing path and find a separated skiing companion easily. Not to forget the long-lasting researchable battery built into the unit and the accurate battery indicator that’s easy to spot also. Considering the availability of such user-friendly features and efficient connectivity, we feel it’s an ideal choice for backcountry skiing enthusiasts. 

What we like:

  • Great Operation and Battery Life
  • Clear sound
  • Great Battery life

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive

Best Affordable Ski Walkie Talkie for Kids


Another Motorola set we found deserving enough for our list is this pair of compact and simple walkie-talkies perfect for short skiing tours. After testing it for a couple of days in an area with average snowfall, we found its communication range to be considerably better than average models. Even the sound had the desired clarity and was fairly audible.

Speaking of its features, we found its battery life to be a strong point as it provided consistent sound transmission for about 19 hours and 30 minutes. Another advantage is the simplified user interface that consists of a few buttons and a good-quality screen that’s easy to monitor. Also, the removable belt clip added at the back keeps the device secured when skiing at average speeds.

The overall durability of the device is also commendable as its solid case is unlikely to undergo major wear and tear during use. To round it up, it makes for a safe and easy-to-use option for little ones who love to ski, thanks to the simple functioning and average communication range offered.

What we like:

  • Clear Sound Quality
  • Compact and simple

What we don’t like:

  • Poor battery life

Best Waterproof Walkie Talkie for Skiing


To end on a high note, we’ve picked this rugged model that you can take along for intense and immersive skiing adventures. These walkie-talkies from Motorola come equipped with top-of-the-line features to enable clear and consistent communication throughout your trips. And here’s the best part; it features an entirely waterproof design and floats on water as well, which makes it an excellent option for water sports and skiing.

Another significant advantage is the commendable signal range of up to 35 miles in areas unobstructed by vegetation or terrain. This detail ensures you are able to stay connected while braving through the snow in expansive skiing resorts. The device even includes efficient emergency features, including an emergency alert button and NOAA weather alerts.

Not to forget the water-activated flashlight that also includes red LEDs for adequate visibility at night. And if the product reviews are to be believed, hard-core skiing enthusiasts looking to use walkie-talkies while adventuring both on land and water adore this product.

What we like:

  • Rugged, fully waterproof design
  • LED flashlight
  • Exceptional capabilities

What we don’t like:

  • Having charging problems

Skiing Walkie Talkies Buying Advice

To help you make a well-informed decision as per your requirements, we’ve put together some key factors that determine the performance of a walkie-talkie.


Distance is a primary factor influencing the quality of to-and-fro sound transmission via a walkie-talkie. As such, some models may begin to lose signal with increasing distance. That’s why you need to make sure the device you’re choosing supports signal transmission over long-range distances. 

However, all devices may not deliver with the expected efficiency over the maximum range listed by their manufacturers. That said, it’s best to go through the customer reviews to get a better idea about the quality and range of signal transmission. 

Battery Life

Since most walkie-talkies available nowadays have rechargeable batteries, battery life is an important factor to consider while choosing a suitable model. 

Now, you’ll always want to go for a device with longer battery life as that allows you to enjoy more skiing sessions without having to recharge frequently. That’s why you should check the battery life and go through some relevant customer reviews to ensure the device provides uninterrupted performance for a longer time.

Sound Quality

A walkie-talkie primarily serves as a mode of communication, which is why it’s crucial to ensure the device you’re choosing provides proper audio quality. On that note, both the sound transmitted and received should be clear and audible. So, you need to check whether the device translates the message effectively enough for you to hear and be heard by others crisp and clear. 

Snow Proofing & Water Proofing

Skiing requires crossing rough and snowy ski slopes. Hence, the model you choose should ideally be weather-resistant enough to endure such conditions. 

Make sure you check the product details to ascertain whether the casing is tough enough to withstand regular use in snowy weather and is waterproof. Here, you should keep in mind that only some models are indeed waterproof and won’t get damaged if they happen to fall on wet snow. 


While handling a walkie-talkie, you might face interference on specific channels, which would naturally affect the signal reception and audio quality. Hence, you should always go for models that allow you to switch between different channels. 

Note that some of the most efficient professional-grade walkie-talkies offer as many as 99 channels with several tones set for each channel. 

Final Thoughts 

So, which walkie-talkie did you find most suitable for your needs? Let us know in the comments section down below. And in case you’re still not sure, we’d suggest going through the buyer’s guide once more to help you narrow down your decision.

We’ve chosen each of these walkie-talkies based on in-depth research and first-hand tests by some of our team members who are ardent skiing enthusiasts. Thus, any model from our list is sure to help you communicate effectively at your favorite mountain ski resort. 

On that note, we’ll wrap up for today. But watch out for this space, as we’ll be back soon with more informative guides. Till then, take care! 

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