Best Snowboard Helmets with Bluetooth Speakers [2021/2022 Season]

Best Snowboard Helmets With Bluetooth

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Those who are new to snowsport; or even experienced snowboarders and skiers might find it challenging to choose the best snowboard helmets with Bluetooth speakers.

And it’s a no-brainer, seeing the wide range of options available on the market. While the higher-end models offer advanced features and a customized fit, you can also find many budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on comfort or safety.

To help your decision-making, we’ve reviewed the top 5 options. But before that, let’s understand the difference between the two types of audio-compatible snowboard helmets.

Snowboard Helmet With Built-In Audio System VS Audio Capabilities

When it comes to snowboard helmets, there are two kinds – one with built-in audio systems and the other with audio capabilities. 

In the case of smart helmets with built-in audio systems, you need not bother looking for a compatible Bluetooth speaker to listen to music or communicate. But for helmets with audio capabilities, you’ll need to buy speakers separately.

Out of the two, you can never go wrong with the latter. After all, these helmets are designed to be more lightweight and comfortable. You won’t be restricted in terms of design or budget either as there are several reputable brands out there coming up with innovative ideas to make your snowboarding and audio experience seamless.

Moreover, speaker chips designed separately offer better sound quality. You’ll be able to enjoy music in HD sound quality and communicate with clarity while on your fun, adventurous journey.

Best Overall: Smith Vantage Helmet + Outdoor Tech Chips Combo

Smith Vantage Helmet
Photo: Smith and Outdoor Tech

Pair the Smith Vantage Helmet with Outdoor Tech Chips Ultra to enjoy a universal, truly wireless audio experience in comfort. All you have to do is connect the chips to a Bluetooth device and drop them into the helmet audio liner to stream your favorite tracks.

With a playtime of 12 hours, you can enjoy music and manage voice functions while on the go. Of course, there’s no need to worry about discomfort or any compromise on safety. After all, the audio-compatible helmet from Smith, an industry leader with over 50 years of experience, features a 360-degree halo design.

Teamed with the Boa 360 fit system and Aerocore construction, it offers maximum coverage and a custom fit with increased airflow. What’s more, the perfect blend of technology and style powers outdoor adventures. You don’t even have to think twice about damaging the audio solution in the snow as it is IPX5 water-resistant.

Plus, you needn’t have to take them out. Simply command Siri/Google to change tracks or adjust the volume.

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Best for Budget: Giro Ledge Snow Helmet + Alta Helmet Wireless HD Speakers Combo

Giro Ledge Snow Helmet + Alta Helmet Wireless HD Speakers
Photo: Giro + WildHorn Outfitters

Next, we have a wireless audio solution that produces HD-quality sound at a budget-friendly price. Alta is a universally compatible pair of speakersthat works with most audio-ready helmets, including Smith, K2, Bolle, Anon, and others. 

But we tried using it with the Giro Ledge Snow Helmet, especially because of the latter’s hardshell construction and auto loc two fit systems. Measuring 2.2 inches high, 0.5 inches thick, and 1.8 inches wide, the 40mm drivers and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless chipset easily fit into the ear pad of the helmet.

You can then use the elastic fit band at the back to adjust the fit to any one of its circumference settings. Adding to comfort and convenience is the stack vent in front of the helmet that can align with your pair of goggles to keep them fog-free. On the contrary, the super cool vents on top provide adequate ventilation. 

So, you can go on listening to your favorite tracks for up to 10 hours while snowboarding without any discomfort. And with the three oversized buttons on the Alta, one of the best Ski helmet headphones, you can control every function without having to remove your helmet or gloves.

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POC Obex Spin Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

POC Obex Spin Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
Photo: POC

Unlike the previous options on the list, you need not invest in a helmet and wireless speaker separately to enjoy a seamless snowboarding experience for this one.

With an award-winning design and integrated Bluetooth speakers, the POC Obex Spin

Communication can help you keep updated on snowpack conditions and listen to music while snowboarding or backcountry skiing. That doesn’t mean the brand hasn’t paid attention to comfort and safety.

Equipped with a PC shell, lightweight EPS liner, and an ABS top shell, this helmet is designed to offer three layers of protection against crashes.

Additionally, its size adjustment system helps you achieve a custom fit without having to change the pads.

Here we also have to mention the inclusion of well-integrated vents for proper airflow. They keep you cool while reducing fogging of goggles in the snow.

K2 ski-helmets K2 Rival Pro Helmet

Photo: K2

Now that we’re already nearing the end of this list, it’s time we introduced you to the K2 Rival Pro Audio Men’s Helmet. One of the best options for snow sports and other outdoor adventures, this lightweight model can be comfortably worn all day long. It also complies with the alpine skiand snowboard safety standards, so you needn’t think twice about investing. 

There’s no need to even buy Bluetooth drop-ins separately; after all, it comes with the K2 level baseline audio system, offering an on-cord mini mic with integrated headphones. The cord can be detachable when needed for a completely wireless experience, after which you can connect it to your mobile or audio player for communication and audio.

What we loved the most is its 360 K2-dialed fit system that delivers a custom fit irrespective of the head shape. It offers a webbed interface integrated into the helmet’s liner to distribute pressure evenly.

Sena Latitude Snow Helmet

Photo: Sena

In our opinion, the Sena Latitude S1 is one of the best snowboard helmets for skiers and snowboarders alike. With four built-in Bluetooth speakersand a microphone, it utilizes Sena’s intercom technology to connect and communicate with others.

You won’t need any phone or data connection – all you have to do is pair the helmet to a smartphone and stream music right through the speakers. It will also enable you to take phone calls without having to remove the gloves or helmet. That’s because of its large jog control – suitable for winter gloves.

Furthermore, the Latitude S1 is all about safety, comfort, and convenience. And the brand has done its best not to compromise on any of these aspects. Constructed using a durable ABD shell and an EPS liner, it offers maximum protection against impacts. 

And while the adjustable airflow system regulates ventilation, the goggle retention strap will secure your pair of goggles to the helmet for optimized comfort and convenience. 

How To Choose The Best Snowboard Helmets With Bluetooth

Helmet Safety: MIPS And More

The primary purpose of a helmet is to keep you safe, especially during a crash. And while a basic hardshell exterior and mesh/foam interior can absorb impact to a significant extent, we’d suggest opting for a model that comes with additional certifications.

All helmets with mountaineering certifications like the Sweet Protection Ascender MIPS and Salomon MTN Lab or biking certifications like the Bern Watts EPS are considered safe. Especially the MIPS technology, which reduces potential brain damage during an angled impact.

But even then, the onus lies on us – to ski or snowboard within limits. 

Liners: Comfort And Warmth

Always choose a helmet with liners that offer a fine balance between softness and support. You obviously wouldn’t want to opt for cheaper options with squishy foam, as that will only make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. 

Additionally, a liner serves to be a great source of insulation. So, to sum up, a quality helmet with soft padding along the interior will provide both comfort and warmth to the user on particularly frigid days.

Ventilation: Adjustable Or Fixed

Prioritize ventilation while choosing a snowboard helmet with Bluetooth. Consider the number of vents on the unit and check how many are adjustable. These vents can be opened or closed, depending on how much airflow you’d prefer.

Weight And Bulk

A helmet should be lightweight to make the user feel comfortable at all times. But comfort shouldn’t come at the expense of safety. That’s why you should refrain from choosing cheaper helmets with basic ABS construction – they will only feel thick, bulky, and cumbersome.

Goggle Compatibility 

You wouldn’t want the risk of losing your favorite pair of ski goggles in a crash. So, check the google compatibility of the helmet. It should include built-in clips to hold the goggle straps in place. Most high-end models, in fact, come with cord designs and secure straps to prevent them from falling off.


That brings us to the end of this brief review-based guide. Now all that’s left to do is have the best snowboarding experience while enjoying your favorite tracks in HD sound quality. 

On that note, we’ll be signing off for today. But feel free to share any pointers that can help your fellow skier or snowboarder find the best audio-compatible snowboard helmet in the comment section below. 

Till next time – happy snowboarding!

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